Gravity Discovery Centre

This wasn’t on our itinerary originally. But we drove past twice and decided that we’ll head there because it sounds fun.

The most interesting attraction is the Leaning Tower of Gingin. It’s 13 storey high and you get to climb up to drop water balloons and observe how they fall from the top.  Just like what Galileo did in Pisa 400+ years ago. Boys watched many YouTube videos on Galileo before, so they were excited to try the experiment. My gosh, it was so windy up there that the normal (non water-filled) balloons were just ripped off our fingers by the wind.


There was also a solar system walk that took us through endless bushes. We had to find all the planets in the walk, but because the place wasn’t very well maintained quite a few planets were missing from their stands. And we spotted two roaming kangaroos today!



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