Scitech Perth

Visiting a science centre is a must! Pity the opening hours are short (many places close at 4pm in Australia) so we didn’t finish exploring the whole place. We even missed the entire planetarium!

Permanent exhibits were hands-on and interesting enough to occupy the boys more than 2 hours. We also caught a good math and explosions show. Learnt random facts like a million sec equals 11 days, a billion sec equals 32 years. Totally the things that K is interested in.

Explore-a-saurus is a new exhibition at the centre. It totally freaked T out. He was okay digging for fossils but at some exhibit measuring how strong you are against a T-Rex’s bite, he ran away to cry because he worried his family will be chomped up by the dino. Lol!

Argh… and my camera lenses died at the centre. Didn’t take a lot of photos today and have to rely on KL’s phone for the rest of the holiday =(



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