Chinese Tuition

K started Chinese tuition early this year. He can’t catch up in class and because we make it a point not to help the boys with their school work at all, his Chinese grades have been slipping. He’s now cruising at Band 2 after spending half a year with the tutor, so it’ll be good if he keeps himself at that Band.

Unfortunately, T also had to start Chinese tuition. It’s very sad to have to go for tuition as a P1 student, but because he came home with an ugly Band 3 last term, he doesn’t really have a choice about it.

The boys walk to the tutor’s home on their own. If they’re too early or they have to stay there a while more to wait for me to pick them up, they’ll also hit the playground. I’m glad to see T climbing so well now. I’m still waiting for the day he can climb up and down a pole by himself.


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