Bits and Pieces of December 2016

Last post to round up the year!

Stuffed toys neat and snug under the blanket. When K sets the sleeping area (not so often), he makes an effort to line things up nicely. When T sets the sleeping area (most of the time), everything is randomly left on their tilams.

Used many plasters this month to cover up K’s abrasions. Those were from a disaster biking outing at Maidstone Road. The lil path there is nice for jogging but not well paved. K fell at the end of a slope because he trying to avoid a pond. T got himself and his bike stuck in an overgrown grass patch while I was tending to K. They hated the whole outing and don’t ever want to go back there again. Plasters are from a stash that my dad left behind. Using the plasters remind us of him.

Recycled five piles of unwanted books and papers this year. I packed one pile and boys packed four in exchange for screen time.

Erasers all over the place. Boys have a few country erasers and I gave them a whole stash for Christmas. K is drawing up a play area before starting the competition.


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