Worst Valentine’s Day

T told many lies today.

He was supposed to turn up at his Chinese tuition teacher’s house at 2.30pm. When he didn’t turn up and she called him, he said he didn’t know how to get there. Which is a lie, because he has been walking on his own to her house for months. She offered to walk to our place to pick him up, and she actually did so. But he did no pick up her calls and he never showed up to meet her downstairs. She charged me the fees for today anyway. She knew he lied and I knew he lied.

He was supposed to use $2 to buy a 听写 book from the school bookshop. He did not buy it because he claimed he did not know how to buy it. He did not ask his brother for help to buy it. He did not tell me he spent the money on snacks instead until I asked him about the book. And he was definitely not supposed to have bought such an expensive snack because he had to spend within his means (which is already a very generous $4 a day for two meals in school).

He played games on the tablet at home when he was alone. Nobody is allowed to play games in our family on weekdays ever ever ever. And he knows it well because over the December holidays, he and K were already punished for telling lies when they played games on my computer on a particular week. Anyway, T played a few games and he lied about it.

As a punishment, he was sent to bed at 7pm because I did not even want to see his face anymore. He was smacked on his hand by his father. There is no fruits and supper for him tonight, no breakfast for him tomorrow. When the boys lied in December, I stopped giving them some of the things they liked for the next three months (no bubble tea, no car to send them to school every morning). That is going to end in February. But because T lied so many times today, I will have to stop giving him some of the things he likes for the next three months (no pasta at all, no car to send them to school for another three months).

I realized at about 10pm that he did not do any of his homework because he was playing the tablet today and sent to bed early. I wanted him to get scolded in school tomorrow, but close to 11pm, he actually got out of bed and told me he could not sleep. I forced him to do his homework, and watching him do homework so close to midnight is just mad.

I cannot imagine how much of a compulsive liar he will grow up to be. This is absolutely the worst Valentine’s Day ever.


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