Bits and Pieces of February 2017

Cousins played blackjack on the last day of CNY. My brother was the banker. K earned $3 that evening. T didn’t join the game. He played Lego with a younger cousin instead.

Coke light and eggs were assembled for a science experiment. T had to soak one raw egg and one hard boiled egg in the liquid for 48 hours. One of the egg’s shell was supposed to drop off, and the other was supposed to be bouncy after that. But the experiment didn’t work. I suspect we should have used regular soda instead of diet soda.

Lovely note from K. He made breakfast for me one Saturday – four slices of bread with jam, complete with heart cut outs. The jam was too sweet for my liking (I’m trying to cut out sugar in my life), but I ate two slices anyway because of the amount of effort he put into the breakfast.

Shooting erasers with rubber bands. K has been making rubber band shooters for at least two years, but T has never been interested in shooting. On a particularly idle weekend, we made T sit down to shoot erasers with rubber bands. Because his aiming is so bad, he has to sit really close to the target to hit it, lol!


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