We’ve finally saved enough to buy a Lego Mindstorms set! Since October, I’ve been sending the boys to school on foot a few days a week. It started out as a punishment for them because I caught them lying and this was one of their entitlements that I slashed. As the weeks passed, it turned out to be a good arrangement because after I drop them off on foot, I get to work on foot as well. Exercising in the morning makes me rather happy =)  I cancelled my office season parking and with all the money saved over half a year, we bought a S$560 toy!

Boys didn’t want to do anything during their March holidays except stay at home to play with their new toy. Which was perfectly fine with me, because this meant that I just went to work everyday without needing to bring them out. KL was super busy being attached to the surgery department, so he couldn’t bring them out either.

On Monday, their cousins came over to play. On Wednesday, a friend came over to play. Some other days they had Chinese tuition, and their tutor treated them to a nice lunch on Thursday. All in all, it was good break for them. Although one week was really not enough to finish building all the possible models in the Mindstorms Ev3 set. T was not able to follow all the instructions, so it left to K to do majority of the building (with a lot of help from Google). It’ll have to be the weekend before they can pick up the set to play again!


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