How to survive anything?

T is very captivated with this particular book now – How to Survive Anything: Boys Only. He’s been pouring over the pages and looking at every scenario intently.

Ever since we’ve started reading to him about natural disasters a few years ago, he’s been worried that he’ll die in one (see here and here). Among his other worries are being caught in a plane crash, being struck by lightning, etc.

Before he went to bed last night, he passed the book to his father and told his father to read it on his own because to T, the information within is really very important to know. This morning when he was up, he started reading it again and he told me that although I am a girl, I can read the plane crash scenario because it could happen to me. He told me that I could skip the whiteout section because it’s not likely to happen to me, and of course I could skip the zombie section because zombies don’t exist.


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