Watching movies

K and T enjoy watching movie nowadays, but movie treats are rather expensive in Singapore if you add in a meal before/after the show, popcorn, drinks etc. So we head over to JB to watch movies instead. These are all the shows I can remember off the top of my head that they watched recently …

  • Sing
  • Doctor Strange
  • Trolls
  • Star Wars: Rogue One
  • xXx: Return of Zander Cage
  • Kong: Skull Island


When we are in JB, we like to stay over so that we don’t have to go through customs twice in a day. We get time to eat, shop, and sometimes even catch two movies. So far we’ve already tried 10 different hotels in JB! Last weekend’s hotel was only S$39++ per room per night on Agoda. We booked two rooms, but the boys decided to huddle together on the floor to sleep. So there was quite a lot of space for nothing. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Watching movies

  1. Hello Jane! Haven’t read your blog for a long time! Glad you continue your blog 🙂

    We watch a lot of movies too, both in JB and Singapore. We are member of Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) (we paid like $120 per year for the 4 of us) and with this membership, we get to watch blockbuster movies shown here all year long! We even watch some movies twice or thrice, haha! You may want to check it out. They show the latest blockbuster movies, which they will launch on the same day as the commercial cinema, and 2 new movies every month. It’s really an unbelievable good deal for movie junkies like us.

    And yes, it’s so much more affordable at JB! We sometimes watch 2 movies in one day also haha! Whatever movies not showing at SDC, we would watch in JB. We don’t do staycation though. Will come back to Singapore after dinner usually.

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