Happy 10th Birthday!

7Apr17bK turned TEN on Friday! KL got him some science toys and I made him some vouchers to be used in the next 365 days. K went to school as usual on Friday. Except that they counted him as a ten-year-old instead of nine-year-old for his Napfa test that afternoon.

Dinner was at a Jap restaurant at Clementi Mall because birthday boy likes Jap food. Actually birthday boy also likes Mac, so we allowed him to munch on a Happy Meal while waiting for his udon.

T was generally upset the whole day, as he usually is on the day his brother celebrates his birthday. In the morning when T saw the vouchers, he was already visibly jealous. He declared that he didn’t want a single present on his birthday so we should just get him a lot of vouchers instead. In the evening when he heard that the terms of the vouchers didn’t include him (for example 1 hour of screen time doesn’t mean that he gets to play with his brother, it just means that his brother plays alone), that was devastating. At dinner, the boys were joking with T that he didn’t have arm muscles (which is true, he doesn’t have)… and you know what, he burst out crying, coughed a lot, and puked out all his cha soba dinner. He wasn’t allergic to the food, but he had a fever the day before and was feeling under the weather still. Anyway, the whole situation was really quite ridiculous!


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