Bits and Pieces of April 2017

Phones. Boys looking happy because it’s phone time! On weekends, they have a work-game-work-game routine. xx minutes of work, xx minutes of game. They have two games on their phones now – Growtopia and Pixels Survivor – both of which I have never played before.

Poems. We read a deliciously good book this month – Outside the Box: A Book of Poems – by Karma Wilson. Every single page was so good that I couldn’t even pick a favourite amongst them. Neither could they.

Comics. Boys are into comics now. They’re not fussy about their comics, so anything with pictures and speech bubbles get read. In English of course.

Cup. K made a cute thing out of a recycled styrofoam cup. I clear a lot of his creations when I need to keep the house tidy. But this one gets to stay on the dining table for a while more because it’s so light and frivolous!


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