Bits and Pieces of May 2017


Bangkok. Me and KL took a short trip to Bangkok this month because we always like to travel together on our birthday month. While we were there, we met with Lewis to celebrate his birthday!

Spinner. Fidget spinners are all the rage now. Boys forked out $15.90 from their own savings (that’s a lot of money!) to get a spinner each. It’s the first time T ever asked to buy anything using his savings.

Photos. We needed new passport photos to replace their ezlink cards. One lost his card, while the other sat on it (now it’s bent and can’t work). The replacement fees are expensive, but it beats using adult ezlink cards because I pay so much more for them on public transport.

Crab. Salted egg yolk crab for dinner on Mother’s Day. Between this and chilli crab, I prefer chilli crab because it is wetter and tastier.


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