Hello Melbourne!

School is out and we’re back in Australia because we enjoyed last year’s trip v much. This time round, we’re visiting Melbourne. It was a six hour plus night flight from Singapore and T puked THREE times. Boys managed to get two to three hours of sleep, which is evidently not enough, and K even fell asleep on an airport bench after we touched down.M1

We spent three hours walking around because we couldn’t check in yet. We checked out the ACMI (boys loved it so much there’s a separate post just about it) and snapped random photos to while the time away. Below is Melbourne’s St Paul’s Cathedral, which was chiming bells non-stop on Sunday morning! M2

We finally managed to check in at 2pm. Our accommodation was a really cool serviced apartment at Melbourne CBD. It came with heated pools which the boys loved! We were on the 44th floor so that meant really excellent views of the city! We could literally see how the weather changes like crazy here … sunny one moment … dark cloud the next … sunny again. No wonder a cousin of mine said we should always be prepared with many layers in Melbourne. Weather hovers around 12 – 14 degrees in the daytime now. Chilly! M3


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