Cycling in Melbourne

We rented bikes to get around today. T tried a child-sized mountain bike and he didn’t like it because he had trouble controlling the bike. Luckily the shop had a children’s add-on bike that was just the right size for him! He enjoyed cycling “as a team” with KL v much. He said that he’s helping KL go faster than the rest of us because there’s two of them pedaling. And T liked it he didn’t need to worry about balancing the bike, braking, changing directions because KL would take care of all these. He just had to pedal, that’s all.M4

Our first stop was the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. We encountered quite a bit of works at the Gardens and I never figured out where all the playgrounds are. We took a pit stop at the Shrine of Remembrance. Checked out the exhibits centering on Australia’s involvement in the World Wars, and walked up to the balcony for a good view of Melbourne city.M5

Our next stop was Albert Park. We went around half of the lake before heading for lunch at the Southern¬†Melbourne Market. And when we got there, horrors, the Market was closed! It’s only open from Wednesday to Sunday. We ate at a nearby mall instead.M6

After lunch, we went around Albert Park Lake some more. T complained when I got everyone lost, because we were cycling around the Lake when we realised that we passed the same landmark twice, oops. Each round around the Lake is 4.7km.M7

We headed back to return the bikes at four plus. By then, the sky was already getting dark and boys were tired from riding. I think we only rode 10km today. I had fun anyway, and think that we might do this again on Wednesday if the boys are up to it.


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