Melbourne ACMI

Today was a Museum hopping day. After the Melbourne Museum, the boys (all three of them) asked to go back to the Australian Center for Moving Images (ACMI). We’ve been here on our first day when we had a few hours to spare, but the boys all felt that they could do more playing.M11

The Screen World at the basement is literally like a game wonderland. Visitors get to play all sorts of games from the 1980s to date. Boys played a few rounds of the iconic games like Pong and Mario, and it’s amazing how KL still remember which bricks contain the mushrooms after so many years, lol!M12

Once the boys got to the modern section, their butts were literally just glued to the seats! T was mostly playing MineCraft. K and KL did not even move away from the Star Wars consoles.

I am a film and television history buff. So while they were all stuck at the games, I spent a few leisurely hours going through the Museum on my own. Awesome!M14

On our final day in Melbourne city, the boys (all three of them) asked to go to ACMI to play for the THIRD time! I bailed out on the third time and went shopping by myself instead.


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