Melbourne Museum

We visited the Melbourne Museum today. Plenty of things to see here. We headed to the Forest Gallery because I was really curious how a museum could fit a forest inside! Okay it wasn’t a huge forest but there were enough plants to showcase lots of facts about Australian water, earth movements, ecology and even bush fires! M8

Next, we went to see the dinosaurs. Right outside the dinosaurs’ room there was a mammoth blue whale skeleton. Boys sat next to the skeleton for their snack break and they must have watched at least 10 times the video showing how the museum put the blue whale skeleton together!M9

We skipped through three more galleries. The WWI Gallery was nicely put together and reminded us about how Australian families coped with a war that was fought so far away. The Body Gallery had some distorting mirrors that tickled the boys so much they asked to go back twice. The Mind Gallery had a dream machine that simulated archetypal dreams – boys were terrified by the one that fell off from a cliff!



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