Main Yarra Trail

Second day of cycling in Melbourne! This time round we went on a proper trail – Main Yarra Trail – that didn’t have too many attractions along the way. We actually spent more time cycling than stopping today. Distance covered was about 24 km.M17

T was on the tag along bike again. He didn’t even want to consider the other bike at all. And he says his role is important because he sometimes “cycles his father”, lol!M18

Snack break at Loy’s Paddock. Sunny morning, perfect for an outdoorsy day!M19

Lunch break at Victoria Gardens mall. Boys kept complaining about their frozen fingers from riding against the wind so we got cheap gloves (from Daiso!) from the mall for all of them!M20

It rained after lunch, so we turned back to the city. Snack break at a random bench along the trail. Lucky us, we caught a really nice rainbow! I was spewing rubbish to T about how rainbows came from unicorns. He was very serious about wanting to correct that idea of mine!M21

We still had a lot biscuits by the time we went back to the city centre. So we made a quite stop at the Royal Botanic Gardens to feed ducks before returning our bikes. Fun day!M22


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