Rhododendron Garden

We picked up our rental car and were so much more mobile today.M25

We headed to the Dandenong Ranges National Park to hike. We started with an easy peasy walk around the Rhododendron Garden.M26

The foliage was nice even though in its Autumn-ish garb. And I can totally imagine how colourful and beautiful it would be in spring. KL found a large Christmasy tree and asked me to take a picture for him …M27

Families with young children will definitely enjoy this Garden. It is dotted with lots of ladybirds for children “to find”. Of course we competed to find the most ladybirds. T was the most enthusiastic. So he also got the most disappointed whenever any of us spotted a ladybird before him (which was like most of the time).M28

We only spotted ten ladybirds in our walk but apparently we were not even half as close!



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