Point Nepean National Park

Bushes. Bushes. More bushes.M33

We did an 8km walking trail at Point Nepean today, of which 7km was just walking through bushes. Gosh, so much bushes! Boys amused themselves with sticks (“wands”) on the first half of the bush walk …M34… and then endless rounds of scissors, paper, stone on second half.M35

Was the walk worth it? Definitely! The stunning views of Port Phillip Bay right smack at the middle of the walk made everything worth it!M36

And T is the champion of photo bombing. He’s always pottering in front of the camera whenever the rest of us are posing for photos. M37

The Park also has some other sights of interest. At one end of the Park was a quarantine settlement which was used in the early 1900s to isolate diseased patients. There were buildings to handle new arrivals, burn contaminated items, hospitals, etc … morbid to imagine what happened here in the past. M38

At the other end of the Park, there was a fort with tunnels and gun emplacements to explore. So there was plenty to see once we got out of the bushes.


Boys coaxed KL to buy them ice cream even though the temperature was 10 degrees! And T was the grand winner of scissors, paper, stone today … he’s the first to win 100 rounds, lol!


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