Happy 8th Birthday!

T turned 8 today! For his birthday activity, he chose to go to Kidzania Singapore. That was mighty fun – he rated it 10 out of 10. Problem was that Kidzania was one day before his actual birthday, and the things he did on his actual birthday weren’t as terrific as he imagined. He bawled at bedtime when he realized that the day has come to an end, he didn’t do anything much, and he’ll have to wait for another year before the birthday comes around again.

It actually wasn’t that bad a birthday, but this boy had high expectations. He received many gifts in the morning from his family – vouchers, ang pow, magnets, pencil case, sparkles, paper toy, chocolates. He also got to choose where the whole family ate over the weekend (a lot of pasta of course). He didn’t want to do ANY work that required thinking so we allowed him to skip all of that over the weekend. He watched two movies and had some game time. But he disliked the first movie (cried after the movie). And he also disliked the fact that his brother kept disturbing him even though it was his special day. Anyway, these two things made him grouchy at bedtime … oh well, I can only say that some birthdays are better than others and its not possible to always have “the best birthday” every year.


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