Tapestry and Art

Bayeux is home to the Bayeux Tapestry. In fact, this was the most famous thing about the town. I was initially skeptical about how special an embroidered piece of cloth could be, but after seeing it for myself today, I had to admit that it was really impressive! It dates back to the 11th century, and is amazingly well preserved (given that cloth is challenging to conserve).

The cloth itself is 70m long. It depicts in a comic-strip style, the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England in 1066. We’ve been to the battle site at Hastings before, so it’s nice that we see the same story now from another vantage point.


We had audio guides to walk us through the 50+ scenes embroidered on the cloth. Gosh, it took us 20 minutes just to walk from one end to the other end because the cloth was choked with details! Too bad no photos allowed of the tapestry.

After we were done with the tapestry, we popped by another museum to take a crash course on the history of art in Europe. Nothing was particularly famous at this museum, but the curatorship was excellent! Almost every room was a visual treat, so I enjoyed the visit v much!


Boys were bored because there were no audio guides here or any children activities in English. They sprawled themselves on sitting benches (sometimes they just plonked on the floor next to the radiators) to wait for me. Halfway through, KL passed them a phone to play so I think they enjoyed their museum visit too.



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