Menya Musashi

Boys recently discovered that they like ramen. So we had dinner at the nearest nicest ramen restaurant … to celebrate the last Friday that T is an 8 year old!

Why ramen? It’s a long story. Boys have been telling lies and cheating us for a few months. They were sneakily accessing the Internet after school when nobody else was at home with them. They played computer games. We found out, scolded them, they played again, we found out, scolded them, they played again … and the cycle continued. Many exhausting weeks of scolding later, we finally decided that we had no choice but to physically remove the modem wire from their modem EVERY SINGLE DAY before we go to work. We really wanted to be able to trust them by having the laptops and modem in plain sight. We gave them to many chances and taught them to be self-motivated not to fall into the trap. But T just could not resist the free cheese in the trap. And K couldn’t help himself when he saw T cheat.

As a result, we banned them from eating their favourite food till next year September. K cannot eat udon and T cannot eat pasta. Within just a fortnight, they discovered ramen because well …. I think it is the closest match to udon and pasta. Wonder what other new food loves they would discover in the whole year.


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