Point Nepean National Park

Bushes. Bushes. More bushes. We did an 8km walking trail at Point Nepean today, of which 7km was just walking through bushes. Gosh, so much bushes! Boys amused themselves with sticks (“wands”) on the first half of the bush walk …… and then endless rounds of scissors, paper, stone on second half. Was the walk […]

1000 Steps Track

Dandenong Ranges National Park is huge! We had to drive from one part of the Park to the other. After we finished Rhododendron Garden, we went to the popular 1000 Steps Track. The Track was very steep. There’s a bit of history with the trail, it commemorates the Australian soldiers who fought in Papua New Guinea in […]

Rhododendron Garden

We picked up our rental car and were so much more mobile today. We headed to the Dandenong Ranges National Park to hike. We started with an easy peasy walk around the Rhododendron Garden. The foliage was nice even though in its Autumn-ish garb. And I can totally imagine how colourful and beautiful it would be […]


We visited ScienceWorks today. It’s a small place with just two main galleries. We got in free with our Singapore Science Centre pass because this is a partner centre. We spent the most of our time at “Think Ahead”, an area that imagined the future. Boys designed jet powered sneakers, flying cars, and even superpowered […]

Main Yarra Trail

Second day of cycling in Melbourne! This time round we went on a proper trail – Main Yarra Trail – that didn’t have too many attractions along the way. We actually spent more time cycling than stopping today. Distance covered was about 24 km. T was on the tag along bike again. He didn’t even […]

Melbourne ACMI

Today was a Museum hopping day. After the Melbourne Museum, the boys (all three of them) asked to go back to the Australian Center for Moving Images (ACMI). We’ve been here on our first day when we had a few hours to spare, but the boys all felt that they could do more playing. The […]

Melbourne Museum

We visited the Melbourne Museum today. Plenty of things to see here. We headed to the Forest Gallery because I was really curious how a museum could fit a forest inside! Okay it wasn’t a huge forest but there were enough plants to showcase lots of facts about Australian water, earth movements, ecology and even […]

Cycling in Melbourne

We rented bikes to get around today. T tried a child-sized mountain bike and he didn’t like it because he had trouble controlling the bike. Luckily the shop had a children’s add-on bike that was just the right size for him! He enjoyed cycling “as a team” with KL v much. He said that he’s […]

Hello Melbourne!

School is out and we’re back in Australia because we enjoyed last year’s trip v much. This time round, we’re visiting Melbourne. It was a six hour plus night flight from Singapore and T puked THREE times. Boys managed to get two to three hours of sleep, which is evidently not enough, and K even fell […]

Lake Thetis

Last post to round up our Perth trip! We stopped at Lake Thetis, which is a small lake literally in the middle of no where. Apparently this lake is one of only a few places in the world with living marine “fossils” that are more than 3000 years old. The lake was soooo beautiful that […]

Cycling in Perth

We rented bikes to get around Perth on two days. T can’t ride a proper bike yet, so he sat in a child seat on KL’s bike. We did 20km per day on the Swan River Ride. Sights we passed on the first day were the Elizabeth Quay, Old Brewery, Matilda Bay Reserve, King’s Park. […]

Scitech Perth

Visiting a science centre is a must! Pity the opening hours are short (many places close at 4pm in Australia) so we didn’t finish exploring the whole place. We even missed the entire planetarium! Permanent exhibits were hands-on and interesting enough to occupy the boys more than 2 hours. We also caught a good math […]

Lesmurdie Falls

We went on a walking trail at Lesmurdie Falls today. It’s actually a brook and not a real water fall. But it’s very pretty still. We did the easy 2km route from the top of the falls to the bottom of the falls, took a short picnic break, and then looped back. That took us […]

Yanchep National Park

This is a very accessible park so there were many families there on Sunday. The lake was picturesque lake, so we had a picnic for the boys to snack and play with sticks (as they always do). There was a short boardwalk for us to view koalas in their natural environment. But because they are nocturnal, […]

Gravity Discovery Centre

This wasn’t on our itinerary originally. But we drove past twice and decided that we’ll head there because it sounds fun. The most interesting attraction is the Leaning Tower of Gingin. It’s 13 storey high and you get to climb up to drop water balloons and observe how they fall from the top.  Just like […]

Lesueur National Park

Our travel planner likes to get us off the beaten track so today we headed to Lesueur National Park. We saw a grand total of 7 people the whole afternoon we were there! The Park is so ulu that there are no real rangers to collect entry fees, only a poster one reminding you to […]

Pinnacles Desert

We’re in Perth for a two week holiday! The first attraction we visited was the Pinnacles Desert. It is 200km north of Perth and T puked twice in the car ride… Pinnacles Desert is a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of limestone pillars sitting on really soooooft sand. Everywhere you turn, it’s a beautiful sight. T kept […]