Bits and Pieces of April 2017

Phones. Boys looking happy because it’s phone time! On weekends, they have a work-game-work-game routine. xx minutes of work, xx minutes of game. They have two games on their phones now – Growtopia and Pixels Survivor – both of which I have never played before. Poems. We read a deliciously good book this month – […]

How to survive anything?

T is very captivated with this particular book now – How to Survive Anything: Boys Only. He’s been pouring over the pages and looking at every scenario intently. Ever since we’ve started reading to him about natural disasters a few years ago, he’s been worried that he’ll die in one (see here and here). Among […]

Learning Styles

We were reading a book about learning today, and decided to do a quiz on our individual learning styles. We have two visual learners and two tactile learners at home … K KL T J ·         Auditory: 5% ·         Visual: 60% ·         Tactile: 35% ·         Auditory: 25% ·         Visual: 45% ·         Tactile: 30% ·         Auditory: […]

Ready for school!

After three hectic days of buying, labelling, wrapping, packing … we are finally ready for school! Three big bags of books went into the recycling bin and another big bag will have to be given away. Yay for more space in our shelves now so I can get more age-appropriate books for the boys! Uniforms and shoes […]

Children’s Day Presents

Boys received so many presents from their teachers at school today. They are lucky to have loving teachers who go out of their way to make Children’s Day really special. Human body book is from KL, who’s always buying them human body books … even though I keep telling him that we already have so […]


Today was the most awesome day ever. We spent five hours waking around the ruins of Pompeii. The entire city was, like the history textbooks say, amazingly well preserved by the volcanic ash. I have read to the boys a few books about Pompeii (when we were back in Singapore) and T is always terrified […]

See Inside Inventions

I’ve not been buying books for the boys lately because we go to the library so often. But flip-the-flap books are something you don’t usually find at the library (or even if you do, the condition of the book may not be great). This week, we started reading Usborne’s “See Inside Inventions” and it was […]

Major achievements

At 7 years and 2 months old, K traveled on the MRT on his own this week! He got lost on Monday (took the wrong direction, had the good sense to alight and change sides) and got it right on Tuesday. He’s already super familiar with taking a public bus from school to home … having […]

Soldiers and blocks

For two weeks in February, the boys were busy building Citiblocs structures for their toy solders. Two funny stories I can recall … there was one evening where T built a maze-y looking thing (bottom middle pic), and he was asking KL what happens if the soldiers cannot find their way out? He’s so funny! There was […]

Something’s gotta give

Our weekday morning routine is more or less set. Mornings are not stressful because KL’s been around to help everyday. KL wakes up before 6am, I wake up at 6am, the boys wake up at 6.30am. While I take my bath and change, KL will be waking the boys up and brushing their teeth. KL […]

Library books

We frequently visit the library so that we’ll always have new books to read at home. Whenever I remember to, I’ve been snapping pictures of what we borrow. These are some snaps from the past three months …

A tale of two brothers

T is facing a host of problems in school. We’ve heard from the teachers, who are the very patient sort, about a spate of aggressive behaviour towards the younger children in school (mainly pushing, but also one incident of biting). He did not display repentance  when he was punished. He is unable to concentrate as […]

Puzzles at the library

I’ve blogged before that the boys love the computers at the library. K doesn’t play with them so much now because he’s into searching for comic books. He sat for about 20 minutes on the bench on Tuesday to select the two he likes the most from a big stack we found. I didn’t allow […]

Simple Mazes

T’s newest interest at home is doing mazes. When K was 4.5 years old, he was very interested in mazes too. But because T is starting a year earlier at 3.5 years old, he’s only able to do the really simple mazes. He really enjoys them and I allow him to do about four an […]

More shelves for toys and books

When we moved into this flat in August 2010, we started with 16 cubes for toys and books. As we’ve accumulated more things over the years, the cubes were getting overcrowded. Over the New Year weekend, I bought and fixed a new bookshelf and with 24 cubes, suddenly everything looks a lot neater!

Crazy about flowers

To tap into K’s current interest in flowers, I bought to the boys to Hort Park a few days ago solely to look at flowers. We didn’t even bring any bread to feed the fishes, nor did we linger in the play area for too long. Half of the pictures were taken by me and […]

List of 300 basic Chinese words

This list of 300 基础字列表 comes from a Chinese book (Toy Story 3!) that we’re reading at home now. I’ve been trying to squeeze in at least one Chinese book into our daily reading sessions. So far, both boys have been very keen to learn the names of animals in Chinese. I’ve not yet gone […]

Looking for twigs

    This week, we’re reading a story book about hunters and early domestication of animals. There are many mentions of people using spears in that book. When I found the boys in the playground yesterday, they were scouring the ground for twigs … and K waves them around like his “spears”. Yesterday he bought […]

Brain freeze

Brain freeze is the name of the book that he’s flipping. This was taken at the Clementi Library. We managed to pick up quite a few superhero books/comics in our last two visits. K still prefers that I read to him even if the book has very few words like the one above. Not that […]

It’s okay to be different

Last Friday when we were in JB, K was rattling off about how “It’s okay to be xxx” and “It’s okay to be yyy”. These were actually lines from the book above. I flipped through it quickly in school just now and it seems like a genuinely nice and feel-good book. I remembered him saying this, […]


Because the current theme in school is food, K’s class made pizzas for themselves this morning. K’s version didn’t have cheese, and he told me that it was nice. Still on the topic of pizzas, I must share that one of the books we regularly read at home is William Steig’s Pete’s a Pizza. Boys […]

Book recommendations for 0 – 1 year old baby

Attended baby Levin’s full month party today and chatted with his parents about the importance of starting to read to him early. There’s something about the picture above that makes it look like it’s taken by a pro camera, but it’s actually snapped with an iPhone, albeit spiced up with vignette effects from tuxpi! Told mummy M […]

At home in December 2011

    Realized that I haven’t been posting recent photos of the boys at home. So here goes …. 14 Dec 11: Trying to march and play the drum (with a wooden chopstick) at the same time. 15 Dec 11: Usurping all the vermicelli for himself at dinner time. 19 Dec 11: Trying to match the Chinese characters on […]

Wrapping books

Titus is busy trying to help me wrap a new book that we’ve just received by post last week.   No matter how many times I tell him that it’s not scotch tape, he still calls the plastic wrapper “scotch tape”. He also calls a black rimmed magnifying glass that we have at home a […]