Introduction of formula milk

I’ve finally done it. I’ve been cutting down on my pumping since two weeks back (which explains the engorgement episode). This morning, I told the teachers to offer Titus one FM feed in school at 10am instead of his usual BM feed. So there we have it. From today onwards, my 9.5months old boy will […]

Breast massage for $20/hour

My right breast was engorged over the weekend because a couple of milk ducts were blocked. Titus failed to clear them despite 3 days of non-stop nursing, so I had no choice but to visit a lactation consultation at the hospital today. She was very patient and helpful in massaging the breast (at $20/hour hahaa!), […]

Pecan nut allergy

Titus had an allergic reaction last Saturday evening. I had a big bowl of cereal with pecan nuts for dinner, and then I breastfed him. He was extremely fussy thereafter but I brushed it off and put him to sleep anyway. One hour later he woke up and had a massive puking session, and had […]

Lesson in expressing milk

We were all ready to start reading on Friday morning, but when I whipped the breast pump out (so that I could express and read at the same time) … … Kaizer snatched it away so that he could show me how to express milk. First, lift up the shirt. Second, position the pump properly. […]

First taste of solids

Titus had his first taste of solids on Sunday. I wasn’t intending to start him on solids this early, as he’s 4.5 months old only, but it was between hearing him wail for 10 minutes while I hurriedly expressed his 5pm feed (had napped with him so I missed out on pumping out the feed)  or offer […]

Rashes on the face

Titus broke out in rashes this morning. This is either the start of his journey with eczema or a one-off allergic reaction. I’m hoping that it’s the latter. Cause of the rashes is most likely the two big pieces of tofu that I took at Waraku yesterday. I remembered that Kaizer didn’t take very well […]

60ml of EBM

Dug out my pump on Tuesday evening after Titus failed to empty the breast before he went to sleep. It took me 8 minutes to express about 60ml from the right side. Didn’t want to fill up the entire bottle in case Titus woke up to feed again. I then offered the EBM to Kaizer, […]

Pouch versus sling

I have been carrying Titus with my chocolate Pupsik pouch for the past month. Over the weekend, I dug out my purple MIM sling and tried it on him. He’s fine with feeding and sleeping in both. As for me, I think the pouch looks nicer, but the sling is a friendlier carrier when it […]


Titus took a bath at Bukit Batok on Sunday. His tummy is always impossibly bloated after every milk feed. He’s only 3 weeks old, but is wearing a 3 month romper from Brayven in this picture. He has some space to fill at the thigh areas, but otherwise the romper seems to fit just right. […]

No more oatmeal

Suffered from a bout of engorgement last night. Felt some body aches in the afternoon, but brushed it off as I thought it could be due to fatigue. At about 8 plus in the evening, I found a big bruised spot on the left breast near the armpit. I was also starting to feel feverish […]

Savouring the moment

It’s 4.30pm and I’ve barely woken up from a 2 hour nap with Titus. Breastfed him and he decided to go back to sleep again. I’m eating a bowl of cornflakes while typing this and waiting for him to wake up again. Moments like these are so blissful … I’ll guess I’ll miss his eat-sleep-poo […]

Nice nursing room

Kok Loon’s finally well enough to get close to Titus! He’s been coughing like crazy for the past two weeks, and yesterday’s the first time he carried Titus since our discharge from the hospital =) Brought Mr Sleepyhead to Tiong Bahru Plaza yesterday as I had to get a new water bottle for Kaizer and […]

Orange bib

Titus is quite messy to feed because (1) when he’s awake, he’ll fuss to be carried in a certain way to latch on, and while fussing, the milk will be spraying/leaking onto his clothes; (2) when he’s half awake, he’ll feed sloppily and the milk will dribble down his neck. Donned an orange bib for him […]

Birth story

22 Sep 09 0900H: Visited the clinic. Gyn detected that I was 2cm dilated. Made arrangements to check myself into hospital the next morning for induction as the eczema (aggravated by the pregnancy) was getting unbearable. 23 Sep 09 0700H: Awoken by Kaizer, who was whining for a banana incessantly. 0800H: Sent Kaizer to school […]

Wong Titus

Wong Titus has finally arrived on 24 Sep 09 at 1907H! He weighed 3.695kg and measured 53cm at birth. I will be back with more posts about the labour process when I’m not too busy with my breastfeeding, changing and pacifying chores. Meanwhile, Kaizer has been “holiday-ing” at his por por’s house over the past […]


This is it. We’ve come to the end of our breastfeeding journey, a couple of days short of my second birthday. Some of the significant milestones in our two year journey … April 2007: First time latching on for milk on 7 Apr 07 at 4.30pm June 2007: Started drinking EBM using a milk bottle […]

Whiney weekend

I was down with a fever on Saturday. Supposedly had a throat infection according to the GP downstairs. Was super whiney, and wanted to do nothing but latch on to drink BM once every 1/2 hour. Mama was a little sick herself, so the weekend was totally ruined. Was not well enough to play with/entertain […]

Comex 2008

As mama was feeling a lot better by noon time, we decided to make a trip to Comex 2008. As usual, I’m excited to be going out! Papa, check out the ______________ ?!? (fill in the blanks) New milestone for mama and me … this is the first time she’s choosing to feed me FM […]