Omaha Beach

We wanted to take a tour package to go around the D-Day landing sites. But as luck would have it, all packages had to be booked in advance since it was winter and we only had ONE sunny day out of our entire Bayeux trip to visit the beach. Because we had to go to […]

Battle of Normandy

Bayuex was the gateway for the Battle of Normandy in 1944. We visited the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy today. This museum was different from other D-Day exhibits I’ve seen because it didn’t focus too much on D-Day but talked about everything else that happened from D-Day + 1, meaning 7 Jun till […]

Shops in Bayuex

No shopping malls in a small town like Bayuex, but plenty of nice little shops scattered along the main street. I found a shop that handmade all their chocolate and bought all of my souvenirs from there. I bought many different types of chocolate because seriously everything tasted so good! Many bakeries dotting the main […]

Au Ptit Bistrot

We generally enjoyed the food in Bayuex, but Au Ptit Bistrot was a standout for me. All the dishes were made from scratch and I especially loved the pumpkin puree with my fish. I finished every drop of that and even stole the ones from the boys’ lunch. They were won over by the meal […]

Tapestry and Art

Bayeux is home to the Bayeux Tapestry. In fact, this was the most famous thing about the town. I was initially skeptical about how special an embroidered piece of cloth could be, but after seeing it for myself today, I had to admit that it was really impressive! It dates back to the 11th century, […]


We’re back in France! It was a full day of train travel. We travelled from London to Paris, and Paris to Bayeux. Bayeux is a small town in Northern France. KL likes small towns. Whenever he plans our trips in Europe, he’ll always try to make sure there’s a short stay in a small town. […]

Ciao Bella

Met friends at Ciao Bella for dinner. T loves the spaghetti bolognese here. It’s the best in the world! And I love the generous seafood risotto! Yumz! On the day we met our friends, the restaurant was so crowded that we only managed to get an outdoor table with a one day reservation. It was a […]

Regent’s Park

Plenty of sunshine in the weather forecast, so we planned a trip to the park. Along the way, we made a random stop at Wellcome Museum. I always pass by this Museum on the way to Regent’s Park but never thought to check it out. It’s actually quite cool now that we did. The ground […]

Science Museum

Our favourite museum in London! We visited the usual exhibits that the boys liked. Superbugs was a new exhibit, and then everything else we’ve already seen before. We ate ice cream at the cafe as we usually do. Happy to have found a dairy free lolly for K! This was really a nostalgic trip more […]

Goodenough College

Goodenough College looked the same as it did two years ago. Too bad we couldn’t sublet a flat at the College for this trip. But we managed to visit the College still and was happy to find ourselves at the parents’ club collage hanging outside the laundry room. Mecklenburgh Square Garden was so pretty even […]

Feels like home!

London sure feels like home! Coming in from Paris, London feels so familiar. The dreary weather, the bustle on the streets, the accent we hear everywhere, and even the smell of the sidewalks. We stayed in the same neighbourhood as we used to. We shopped at the same supermarkets we always did. We visited the […]


Versailles was humongous, and so was the crowd. We were literally packed like sardines along the whole stretch of the state apartments, king and queens bedrooms. I hardly had a good view of any of the rooms. The photos are deceiving, it was really crowded. And we were all clamoring to get out because getting […]


The Louvre was fun! Once we arrived, we started jostling with the crowd to get to Mona Lisa. She was tiny and it almost felt like Asia with the number of black-haired people in the room trying to take a selfie with her. Mona Lisa was clustered together with the Wedding at Cana, Four Seasons, […]

Eiffel Tower

It was freezing the day we visited the Eiffel Tower. Zero degrees in fact, and the Tower was closed in the morning because it was too icey. The top of the tower was shrouded in mist. No choice, we walked around the area and returned in the afternoon to try our luck again. Although it […]

Army Museum

KL plans all our overseas trips and he loves learning about wars. So on our first day of sightseeing, he took us to the Army Museum in Paris (Musée de l’Armée). Lots of weapons and lots of arms. The medieval section was interesting; I’ve never seen child-sized armour before. Other than that, the rest of the […]

Bonjour Paris!

We’re in Paris for our year end holiday! Why Paris? Because I’ve never been to France before and I want to visit a friend in London this time round. So Paris will be super convenient for us to pop over to London via the Eurostar. Boys had a swell time flying to Paris. We picked […]

Mundoaka Streetfood

Devoting a blog entry to this meal because T vomited big time after eating! Mundoaka Streetfood is a very well reviewed restaurant in Zagreb and T was game to eat everything we gave him … chicken, potatoes, pizza, fusilli, even lemonade. He totally enjoyed the food but complained of a tummy ache about 15 minutes after […]

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is perched high up in a vertical cliff and built within a cave mouth. It is more than 700 years old and the interiors have been restored for tourists to imagine how life was like during the medieval times. Of course KL and K didn’t actually climb the walls within the castle, they […]


Postojna is a little town that is not very interesting. We stayed there because it’s within walking distance to the Postojna caves. The town centre is so small that we can walk from one end to the other end within 10 minutes! As we do on all of our holidays, we spend a lot of time sitting […]

Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a medieval castle that is perched on a steep 125m cliff overlooking the lake. The hike wasn’t too hard, and it took us only 20 minutes to walk all the way up. The view from the castle was gorgeous! The castle itself wasn’t that interesting so we barely stayed for an hour before […]

Boating in Lake Bled

We went boating twice in Lake Bled. KL did all the rowing of course, while K helped just a tiny little bit. T didn’t really enjoy boating so he parked himself on my lap for the entire ride … except for about 5 minutes when he posed for pictures on KL’s lap. And he kept […]

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is sooooooooo pretty. It’s surrounded by mountains and forests. We typically spend 1 – 3 hours around the lake area each day. Surprisingly, no one got bored going around the lake for so many days. The boys enjoyed feeding the animals in the lake with leftover bread from their breakfasts. And the most famous desert […]


We spent our half term break in Slovenia. It’s a small and very mountainous country, where there are literally mountains everywhere you look around you! We stayed at Lake Bled for five days and it was awesomely relaxing. In between our meals, we would spend a few hours at the pool and a few hours […]


Bye Italy! We’re back in London now. The flowers bloomed in Mecklenburgh Square while we were away. Boys have just finished their dinner and are now being nagged to finish the remaining worksheets of their spring break homework. Someone left a bunch of flowers on our door, which I’ll try to grow over the next week(s). […]