Mundoaka Streetfood

Devoting a blog entry to this meal because T vomited big time after eating! Mundoaka Streetfood is a very well reviewed restaurant in Zagreb and T was game to eat everything we gave him … chicken, potatoes, pizza, fusilli, even lemonade. He totally enjoyed the food but complained of a tummy ache about 15 minutes after […]

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is perched high up in a vertical cliff and built within a cave mouth. It is more than 700 years old and the interiors have been restored for tourists to imagine how life was like during the medieval times. Of course KL and K didn’t actually climb the walls within the castle, they […]


Postojna is a little town that is not very interesting. We stayed there because it’s within walking distance to the Postojna caves. The town centre is so small that we can walk from one end to the other end within 10 minutes! As we do on all of our holidays, we spend a lot of time sitting […]

Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a medieval castle that is perched on a steep 125m cliff overlooking the lake. The hike wasn’t too hard, and it took us only 20 minutes to walk all the way up. The view from the castle was gorgeous! The castle itself wasn’t that interesting so we barely stayed for an hour before […]

Boating in Lake Bled

We went boating twice in Lake Bled. KL did all the rowing of course, while K helped just a tiny little bit. T didn’t really enjoy boating so he parked himself on my lap for the entire ride … except for about 5 minutes when he posed for pictures on KL’s lap. And he kept […]

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is sooooooooo pretty. It’s surrounded by mountains and forests. We typically spend 1 – 3 hours around the lake area each day. Surprisingly, no one got bored going around the lake for so many days. The boys enjoyed feeding the animals in the lake with leftover bread from their breakfasts. And the most famous desert […]


We spent our half term break in Slovenia. It’s a small and very mountainous country, where there are literally mountains everywhere you look around you! We stayed at Lake Bled for five days and it was awesomely relaxing. In between our meals, we would spend a few hours at the pool and a few hours […]


Bye Italy! We’re back in London now. The flowers bloomed in Mecklenburgh Square while we were away. Boys have just finished their dinner and are now being nagged to finish the remaining worksheets of their spring break homework. Someone left a bunch of flowers on our door, which I’ll try to grow over the next week(s). […]

Vatican City

We were at Vatican City today. We spent more than six hours exploring the museums because there was so much to see (which got overwhelming after a while). Jostling with the crowds to get into the Sistine Chapel was no joke. T doesn’t really like crowds and was quite miserable when we were being squeezed […]

Exploring Rome

We’re back in Rome! Bus and subway drivers are on strike today. We walked more than two hours to get to the attractions we wanted to see (and to get back). Boys were of course complaining about being tired and hungry, especially at the end of the day, but we kept them walking with ice […]


Third day in a row that we’re visiting yet another archaeological site that was buried in the 79AD eruption. This time round, it’s a villa that is believed to belong to the second wife of Emperor Nero. The villa rooms were huge and impressive! There was also a huge pool found in this particular villa. […]


Today was another awesome day. We spent four hours walking around the ruins of Herculaneum, another ancient city that was buried like Pompeii on 24 August 79AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. Herculaneum was buried under hotter and faster flowing gas/rock, so even organic material like wood and skeletons were found at this excavation site. We managed […]


Today was the most awesome day ever. We spent five hours waking around the ruins of Pompeii. The entire city was, like the history textbooks say, amazingly well preserved by the volcanic ash. I have read to the boys a few books about Pompeii (when we were back in Singapore) and T is always terrified […]


We’re in Sorrento now! It’s a very popular tourist destination that overlooks the Bay of Naples. We took a 130 minute scenic ferry ride to get here. T puked out his entire breakfast on the ferry ride. So did I. K felt queasy and almost wanted to puke a couple of times, but didn’t because […]


We took two trains from Orvieto to get to Salnero, a city by the Almafi Coast. We’re stopping over here for a night. After leaving our bags at our B&B, we walked around the old town, walked along the coast, stopped by a small beach and visited a local fun fair. The city is gritty, […]

Holiday home in Orvieto

Because we lived in such a nice holiday home in Orvieto (and because the place is very ulu), we cooked most of our meals in our holiday home. The boys were pleased to be eating at home because it meant they could watch as much trashy Italian cartoons as possible during meal times. We get our […]

Underground city in Orvieto

On our final day in Orvieto, we checked out the underground city that actually mirrors the above ground city. We visited two public caves and were told on our tour that there are over a thousand caves in the city that are private and sitting underneath people’s homes. These caves were used in the past […]


We took a day trip by train to Arezzo, a city in Tuscany. We walked around the historic old town and visited a lot of churches. We had ice cream in the city square, and for the first time in our trip, K had an allergic reaction from the sorbet. Maybe there was some milk […]


We’ve just arrived in Orvieto for the second leg of our holiday! Orvieto is a tiny city that sits on top of a large volcanic rock. We are living in a holiday home that oversees the surrounding lowlands and the view is quite awesome. This entire city is quite ulu, and it feels more like […]


We visited the Colosseum today. It’s huge, I didn’t expect it to be so big but it could house 50,000 – 80,000 people in it’s heyday. We bought tickets in advance so only had to queue thirty minutes to get in. The queue would have been much longer if we had gone in the Easter […]

Explora Children’s Museum

We had a fun day at Explora il Museo dei Bambini in Rome. Or rather, the boys had a fun day at this children’s museum and the adults just tagged along because it was raining the entire day and we couldn’t do anything outdoors. At this museum, children could pretend they are shopping in a […]

Ostia Antica

We visited the large archaeological site Ostia Antica today. This was the harbour city of ancient Rome around 7th Century BC, and the site is amazingly well preserved because the basic structure of many buildings are still left standing. We spotted many painted works on the walls, mosaic patterns on the floors and the odd […]


It’s spring break! School is out for two weeks and we’re in Italy now. Although it’s peak period for traveling (Easter break, school holiday, bank holiday), we didn’t have trouble with crowds at the airport, flight was smooth and T didn’t puke. Now that we’re arrived in Italy, I actually have NO idea what we’re […]

Pretty tea room

As a nice ending to our self-drive holiday, we treated ourselves to tea at a pretty tea room in Rochester. The tea and cookies were nice. But the cake was too sweet, even for my standards. Haaaa … it’s back to reality tomorrow as everyone heads back to school!

Rochester Castle

The last castle we visited in South East England was Rochester Castle. It is quite well preserved and there was a lot of climbing to get to the top of the main tower. The view at the top was well worth the climb! It was clear blue sunny morning to all my photos turned out really nice!

Dover Castle

Dover Castle is a medieval castle that is supposedly the largest castle in England. It is so large that we can opt to take a small train to get around the castle grounds. There’s plenty to see and do within the castle grounds. We explored two underground sites (underground WWII hospital and underground medieval tunnel), the main […]