Do re mi

Boys learnt the piano for six months in London. It’s challenging to get them started again in Singapore because the lessons here are so expensive! Am still searching for a reasonably-priced teacher/school that’s near our home so K can travel by himself for classes. Meanwhile, they’ll just have to contend with playing whatever sheet music […]

Bye, Goodenough College!

We honestly could not have found a better home in Central London. The quality of the accommodation was very good, and so were the facilities. The rent was very reasonable for Central London standards. Most importantly, we all enjoyed the time we spent at the college. Boys would hang out in the play rooms during the colder months and hang […]

Bye, Maughan Library!

This is where I’ve been spending most of my weekdays in the past year! The Maughan Library is 15 minutes away from the boys’ school and I spend 5 hours a day, 4 days a week here whenever they’re in school. The external facade of the building is quite cool, it dates back to the 19th Century! There’s […]

Finsbury Park

We checked out a new park today. Actually it’s not too far from our home, but we’ve not exercised here before because Regent’s Park and Hyde Park are so much nearer. K busied with playing ball. And shooting arrow straws from a small wooden bow he made in the morning at a children’s film club activity.

Storm Production

All the Year 3 – 6 students in K’s school were involved in a school production last week. They were supposed to interpret Benjamin Britten’s Ten Pieces, which is a short play about a community of people who have to face a storm from the sea. The entire production was very creative. Students apparently wrote […]


KL is really efficient. It’s only been a few days since he’s back and he got us a car already! It’s a 6 year old car and I’m calling it bumblebee for now because it looks so yellow in the picture he sent me! As for me and K, we’ve been keeping busy exercising, reading […]

Bye, London Science Museum!

We love the London Science Museum. It’s our favourite place to be on weekends, and no other place comes even close. There are so many exhibits to visit, so many games to play, so many activities to take part in. And T’s favourite strawberry ice cream too! The museum shop is also where we go to […]

1 July 2015

1 July 2015 is the hottest day the UK has ever seen in 12 years! The mid-day temperature was a sweltering 35 degrees just now. Boys were dry when I sent them to school but totally drenched in sweat when I picked them up. T had a nosebleed in school yesterday, a nosebleed after school […]

Meals in June 2015

Yay, last month of cooking for me! I’m very sure I’ll not be cooking so much in Singapore because the boys can get most of their weekday meals settled at malls/markets/foodcourts and most of their weekend meals settled at their grandparents’ place. We might eat Japanese and Korean food more often though, because the boys do like their teriyaki salmon, bulgogi, […]

Bye, Imperial War Museum!

Imperial War Museum is our second favourite museum in London. KL likes the exhibits and the boys like playing in the park outside the museum. Today we visited it for the final time to walk through the impressive WWI exhibition, walk up/down the museum stairs and play in the park outside. Bye!

What REALLY happened

We’re going back to Singapore very soon, so today we decided to visit as many city sights as we can. Those that we managed to see were the Museum of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, St James’ Park, Trafalgar Square, British Museum. That’s a whooping 9km on foot! I’m sure that’s the longest distance the boys have ever walked […]

Two peas in a pod

My brother made this collage because he thinks that me and T really look alike! And I must rave about T’s latest haircut. Two days ago when I wanted to cut his hair, I couldn’t find the one and only comb we own here. So I used a fork to help me with the haircut. Phew, luckily […]

Year 3 Classroom

Had a chance to visit K’s classroom today. There are lots of things stuck on the walls and windows as you’ll expect of a learning space. The classroom is also chock-full of books and supplies because students are not required to bring any to school. Everything they’ll need for learning is supplied for them by the […]


T made an awesomely cute froggy hat in school today. It’s so cute I named it Butties because T likes to eat butter. Both boys are feeling under the weather today. T had a three minute nosebleed in school and K is coughing away after having caught the bug from his best friend. K vomited […]

Bletchley Park

We were at Bletchley Park today to get a glimpse of code-breaking work in WWII. The huts within the park were recreated to resemble what they once looked like in the 1940s. The park offers a fantastic multimedia guide that kept the boys glued to the screen (it’s an ipod touch) for more than an hour. There were also […]

Meals in May 2015

Boring post about the boring food that the boys ate last month. We’ve been making cookies quite often on weekday evenings. We hardly cook the adults’ food from scratch. It’s mostly store-bought food with some extra cooked veg at the side. The mussels are store bought, the prata is store bought, and so is the […]

Happy Birthday!

My best friend and me turned a year older … again! We’re going for lots of lunches this week to celebrate, and the family is also heading for a holiday on Saturday because it’s the half-term break and we always like travelling on/near our birthdays. K has been busy setting up a picture shop this […]


After the yummy sundubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew) I had on Wednesday, I kept thinking of eating it again. So here we are checking out a Korean restaurant that’s just a couple of tube stations away from our home. Prices were decent and the food was so so so yummy. How yummy? Yummy enough that I made […]


Boys had fun at the Science Museum today. T said the highlight of his day was making spacecrafts that are supposed to land in Mars and Titan, but sadly we couldn’t complete a single successful landing in that particular game. T also spent a lot of time making all-terrain rovers and in fact I found the game […]

5 years and 8 months old

T wore a hand-me-down shirt today. Got me thinking that I should snap some shots of him and then compare with how K looked at the exact age. So here they go … T at 5 years and 8 months old in May 2015, London. K at 5 years and 8 months old in December 2012, […]

Jin Go Gae

Met girlfriends for lunch at Jin Go Gae today, a really authentic Korean restaurant in Korea Town which is an hour away from Central London by public transport. It’s my first time trying raw crabs, but this dish was so spicy that I coudn’t really taste anything apart from the spices. My favourite dish was definitely the sundubu […]

Mathematics teacher

K’s homework for the weekend was to bring pictures/stories to share how he performs a service for other people. He regularly teaches T mathematics at home so that’s performing a really good service for us parents because it means we don’t have to teach. The mathematics standards in London is much lower than in Singapore, but […]

Regent’s Park

We were at Regent’s Park over the weekend. Weather was great and T rolled up his clothes to play. Pumping water is one of his favourite activities and he literally had to be pried away from the pump when it was time to go and play at the other parts of the park. K went […]