37 years old!

Rather unceremoniously, I turned 37 years old over the weekend. Thankful that I am healthy, that I am still alive, that I can afford the time and money to eat out. I definitely ate way too much sashimi and seafood over the weekend! Kok Loon turned 39 years old. Happy birthday to him and happy anniversary […]

Jogging in Bangkok

We go to Bangkok at least once a year, without the boys. We go there so often that I rarely blog about the trips anymore. But this time round, we did something interesting. We went for a long jog along the Saphan Taksin River. Destination was Anantara Riverside Bangkok. This was the first hotel we stayed […]

Melbourne ACMI

Today was a Museum hopping day. After the Melbourne Museum, the boys (all three of them) asked to go back to the Australian Center for Moving Images (ACMI). We’ve been here on our first day when we had a few hours to spare, but the boys all felt that they could do more playing. The […]

Two Chefs

Sunday dinner at Two Chefs. Our go-to zi char place when KL wants to eat cold cockles. That dish is actually very icky, but it’s popular because it’s the 招牌菜. Really not my cup of tea. All the other dishes were yummy though!

Staycation at Capri

Impromptu decision to go on a staycation since KL did not have to work over the Good Friday weekend. We stayed at Capri by Fraser, and boys liked the fact that we could see planes land at Changi every 3 minutes or so. This is actually our second time staying at Capri but because they […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

K turned TEN on Friday! KL got him some science toys and I made him some vouchers to be used in the next 365 days. K went to school as usual on Friday. Except that they counted him as a ten-year-old instead of nine-year-old for his Napfa test that afternoon. Dinner was at a Jap restaurant […]


K is one day shy of 10 years old! Me and T sang him a birthday song for fun with some biscuits and a tealight. K decided to make funny messages and they gamely posed for pics to send to their papa, who’s on call tonight.

Cherish the simple things

Life is good. No one is sick at home. Adults are gainfully employed. We can afford the time to spend the money that we earn. Children are coping well in school, and by that I really mean that T’s teachers have stopped calling me to complain. Hardest decision to make on a Saturday is where […]

How to survive anything?

T is very captivated with this particular book now – How to Survive Anything: Boys Only. He’s been pouring over the pages and looking at every scenario intently. Ever since we’ve started reading to him about natural disasters a few years ago, he’s been worried that he’ll die in one (see here and here). Among […]


K has been asking to go running because he wants to practice running 1.6km (fitness test in school). This is the second weekend we’re running together. We did 4km in 45 mins at Marina Bay. He jogged in the first 20 min, and then jogged + walked in the last 25 min. T is absolutely not […]

Children’s Day Presents

Boys received so many presents from their teachers at school today. They are lucky to have loving teachers who go out of their way to make Children’s Day really special. Human body book is from KL, who’s always buying them human body books … even though I keep telling him that we already have so […]

Bye, Goodenough College!

We honestly could not have found a better home in Central London. The quality of the accommodation was very good, and so were the facilities. The rent was very reasonable for Central London standards. Most importantly, we all enjoyed the time we spent at the college. Boys would hang out in the play rooms during the colder months and hang […]

Self-drive holiday

It’s half term break here in the UK. We went on a self-drive holiday to Canterbury, Dover and Rochester! We rented a very comfortable car for the trip. Me and the boys were happy to just sit in the car and chill while KL drove us around. More pictures coming up of the places we visited […]

Paolina Thai Cafe

Had dinner with girlfriends at Paolina Thai Cafe @ King’s Cross today. Thanks to KL who watched the boys the entire evening, I had a really relaxed evening. The food was authentically Thai and reasonably priced, I will be back to try other items on the menu again!

Meals in January 2015

The children continue to eat a lot of boring things with the same ingredients (carbs, meat, potatoes, carrots, corn, broccoli) at home. Luckily they get lunches at school so there’s more variety in the food they consume in a day. PS: The yummy duck in the picture is from Chinatown, I cannot ever cook something […]

Meals in December 2014

The children have been eating a lot of porridge this month because KL bought a stash of bak kwa with him to London and they love to eat it with porridge. To spice up their boring dinners (boring to me because I use almost the same ingredients to cook every meal but they’re totally fine […]

Hello Papa Loon!

KL finally arrived in London this week! He’s been a great help with the boys and in our first weekend together as a family, we headed to the Natural History Museum and London Science Museum. We checked out the usual exhibits that T likes and also had the usual strawberry ice cream that T likes. […]


KL has been drilling K on his school work, much more than I did back home. These are two of his most recent compositions to prefer for his year end tests. There are lots of funny anecdotes in the composition about our family!


Father and son spent another day bonding with each other. KL has a few days of break from school/hospital so he brought T out on Tuesday. Little boy was so happy to be able to skip school and hang around with his father (breakfast, swim, lunch, mall).

Happy Father’s Day!

We gathered at the grandparents’ place for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. It’s an important day as we get to honour the most important men in our lives! T was eagerly sitting in front of the cake so that he can blow the candle out. He was also eagerly helping me to distribute the cake, even […]