Pasir Ris Park

Extended family gathered for 2 nights at a chalet in Pasir Ris. Cousins had fun chasing each other around the huge chalet, hanging out together to play their mobile phones, and sweating it out at Pasir Ris Park. They especially loved this spinning thing at the Park and would not get off to play other […]


We visited ScienceWorks today. It’s a small place with just two main galleries. We got in free with our Singapore Science Centre pass because this is a partner centre. We spent the most of our time at “Think Ahead”, an area that imagined the future. Boys designed jet powered sneakers, flying cars, and even superpowered […]

Melbourne ACMI

Today was a Museum hopping day. After the Melbourne Museum, the boys (all three of them) asked to go back to the Australian Center for Moving Images (ACMI). We’ve been here on our first day when we had a few hours to spare, but the boys all felt that they could do more playing. The […]

Staycation at Capri

Impromptu decision to go on a staycation since KL did not have to work over the Good Friday weekend. We stayed at Capri by Fraser, and boys liked the fact that we could see planes land at Changi every 3 minutes or so. This is actually our second time staying at Capri but because they […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

K turned TEN on Friday! KL got him some science toys and I made him some vouchers to be used in the next 365 days. K went to school as usual on Friday. Except that they counted him as a ten-year-old instead of nine-year-old for his Napfa test that afternoon. Dinner was at a Jap restaurant […]

Masking tape game

Tear off stripes of masking tape. Stick one on your face and one on your brother’s face. At the count of three, grab your brother’s tape while protecting your own. First one to get eight stripes of tape wins. * Game was ridiculously funny! Awesome that their childhood is filled with ridiculous things like that!


We’ve finally saved enough to buy a Lego Mindstorms set! Since October, I’ve been sending the boys to school on foot a few days a week. It started out as a punishment for them because I caught them lying and this was one of their entitlements that I slashed. As the weeks passed, it turned out to […]

Fort Pasir Panjang

Fort Pasir Panjang is located within Labrador Park. There are a couple of signs explaining the defence features of the fort, but because the tunnels and underground rooms are not accessible, it was quite a boring place to visit. We left after 10 minutes to play and jog in the park.


The Science Centre is our go-to place on weekends whenever we have a few hours to spare and nothing to do. We spent our New Year’s Eve afternoon there. We pop by the ecogarden trail sometimes because the treehouse is quite lovely – to the boys, not to me. I have NEVER stepped foot into […]


I just learnt that there are two mango trees downstairs. Their friends’ father spent more than an hour getting two mangoes – first with a football, then string/stone, then with a basketball. T made a bouquet of stems from the fallen leaves of the tree.

Labrador Park

Our first visit to Labrador Park. Boys had their bikes and they were supposed to cycle but they were so distracted by the playground that they spent all their time there. Looks like we’ve gotta make another trip here again!


First day that T is riding a two-wheeler! Earlier in the evening, he was playing with a 5-year-old neighbor and a 6-year-old neighbor. They asked him why he was still riding a tricycle. They also got him to try their two-wheeler and *surprise* he could ride it ably! I came up to remove his tricycle […]

Sembawang Park

We visited Sembawang Park a few weeks back. When I was growing up, I used to come here for BBQs with classmates and friends. So it was nostalgic to jog through the same path that I walked two decades ago. I also realized that the park is actually very small, but it certainly didn’t feel that way […]

Happy 7th Birthday!

T turned 7 this weekend! Birthday boy had the privilege of choosing our meals the whole weekend, so we ended up having an unbelievable amount of pasta over 48 hours …. Birthday boy requested to stay home so he can play his new Lego set. It’s quite a cool set. He’s happy with all the […]