Fairfield Funfair

It’s the once in five years Fairfield Funfair! Funfair fell on K’s birthday! K’s class managed two stalls – one games stall and one food stall. K was in charge of collecting balls at the games stall. Their game was easy, and the boys managing the stall decided to all use their own vouchers to […]

Sports Carnival 2018

Sports Carnivals are fun affairs. Last year and this year, K took part in sports that were held indoor (good for me as a spectator). This year, his team did v well and he came home with a super nice medal! Next year, T will finally be able to participate in the event as an […]

June Holidays

June Holidays are coming to an end! Boys spent the first week of their holiday in Melbourne, second week at home, third week at Science Camp, fourth week at home. Nothing too spectacular. T had no school homework, so we made him do Chinese tuition homework and Kumon sums on weekdays. K had a lot […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

K turned TEN on Friday! KL got him some science toys and I made him some vouchers to be used in the next 365 days. K went to school as usual on Friday. Except that they counted him as a ten-year-old instead of nine-year-old for his Napfa test that afternoon. Dinner was at a Jap restaurant […]


K learnt to cook instant noodles at an outdoor activity in school. He’s been wanting to cook again at home. So today, he cooked dinner for himself and his brother! They ate 出前一丁 sesame oil noodles with corn. I gave him verbal instructions in the kitchen because I did not want him to handle the […]

Cherish the simple things

Life is good. No one is sick at home. Adults are gainfully employed. We can afford the time to spend the money that we earn. Children are coping well in school, and by that I really mean that T’s teachers have stopped calling me to complain. Hardest decision to make on a Saturday is where […]

National Gallery

Made a pact with T last week. If he can get by the entire week without a single teacher calling me to complain about his behaviour, I’ll reward him with a trip to the museum. Yeah, he managed to behave really well (which just meant that he behaved like a normal 8-year-old) so we visited […]

Worst Valentine’s Day

T told many lies today. He was supposed to turn up at his Chinese tuition teacher’s house at 2.30pm. When he didn’t turn up and she called him, he said he didn’t know how to get there. Which is a lie, because he has been walking on his own to her house for months. She […]

Learning Styles

We were reading a book about learning today, and decided to do a quiz on our individual learning styles. We have two visual learners and two tactile learners at home … K KL T J ·         Auditory: 5% ·         Visual: 60% ·         Tactile: 35% ·         Auditory: 25% ·         Visual: 45% ·         Tactile: 30% ·         Auditory: […]

Chinese Tuition

K started Chinese tuition early this year. He can’t catch up in class and because we make it a point not to help the boys with their school work at all, his Chinese grades have been slipping. He’s now cruising at Band 2 after spending half a year with the tutor, so it’ll be good if […]

It’s getting better …

T had bouts of anxiety this week, but he’s getting better with each passing day. He just needs a longer time to get used to being a primary school student. Packing his bag: First day he was super stressed about doing it on his own, second day he did it in a shorter time with some help […]

First day of school

Morning was good. T survived his first day in primary school! He ate macaroni at recess and is pretty confident about walking home from school, though he hasn’t tried walking on his own yet. He will probably get a chance soon … after K sorts out his CCA with the school. Afternoon was terrible, unfortunately. Both were […]

Ready for school!

After three hectic days of buying, labelling, wrapping, packing … we are finally ready for school! Three big bags of books went into the recycling bin and another big bag will have to be given away. Yay for more space in our shelves now so I can get more age-appropriate books for the boys! Uniforms and shoes […]

K2 Graduation Concert

T has officially graduated from K2! Last week, he and his classmates were involved in the school’s year end concert. It’s an event they’ve been preparing for months. T’s class performed three items – a violin ensemble (Allegro and Rondosaurus), a dance choreographed by the English teacher (Under the Sea), and a dance choreographed by […]

P1 Orientation

T attended his P1 Orientation today. He was really looking forward to it. He walked from home to school on his own just now, with me trailing really really far behind. Phew, no problems for him on the route. He needs a bit more practice and then he’ll be able to bring himself to school and back […]

Dr Lego Bot

K has no school for four days this week. I signed him up for a science camp to learn how to make Lego robots. He brought my camera to camp and came back with all these photos! He even took two videos of his robot to show me and T!

Polka Dots & Stripes Party

T attended a classmate’s birthday party yesterday and enjoyed himself v much. It’s amazing how well planned the party was, and how the mum was able to squeeze so many things into a function room – candy floss machine, pop corn machine, face painting, tattoos, crafts table, food table, sweets table, baked treats table, balloons, games. […]

Children’s Day Presents

Boys received so many presents from their teachers at school today. They are lucky to have loving teachers who go out of their way to make Children’s Day really special. Human body book is from KL, who’s always buying them human body books … even though I keep telling him that we already have so […]

School work

Spotted these in T’s school folder today. He writes longer sentences now that he’s back in Singapore simply because everyone else does the same here. T wrote about a recent date that me and him had at Vivocity. He also said he was feeling afraid because of his grandfather’s poor health. Sweet of him to […]

Mr Bored

Mr Bored ended school early and has been home since 11am. He’s been told NOT to talk to me because I’m busy with my own work. He’s only going out to play at 3pm so in the meantime, he’s finishing his homework, playing with his SG50 lego, painting, eating … and entertaining himself with a slew […]