Wong Ah Chai

爷爷 passed away on 17 October 2017 after a three year battle with colon cancer. He was surrounded by loved ones when he drew his last breath at home. When the boys read back on this post, they ought to remember how happy 爷爷 was whenever he met us and ate with us on weekends. These […]

Golden Mile

Dinner with grandparents at Golden Mile.  爷爷 is in between his chemo cycles now. I’ve lost track of which cycle and how many more to go. He’s losing a lot of weight, but was well enough to head out for dinner last weekend. I haven’t seen him in such good spirits for a while, so […]

Hello Melbourne!

School is out and we’re back in Australia because we enjoyed last year’s trip v much. This time round, we’re visiting Melbourne. It was a six hour plus night flight from Singapore and T puked THREE times. Boys managed to get two to three hours of sleep, which is evidently not enough, and K even fell […]

Mother’s Day 2017

Boys made cards for me this year. K’s card said that I do not need to do chores, but I still did laundry that night. T’s card depicted a D-Day scene because we’re reading a D-Day book together this month. I actually do not like violence and fighting, but T has not realized that yet. May […]

Learning Styles

We were reading a book about learning today, and decided to do a quiz on our individual learning styles. We have two visual learners and two tactile learners at home … K KL T J ·         Auditory: 5% ·         Visual: 60% ·         Tactile: 35% ·         Auditory: 25% ·         Visual: 45% ·         Tactile: 30% ·         Auditory: […]

Gone too soon …

My cousin Jennie passed away last Saturday after a four year plus battle with breast cancer. She would have turned 41 this October. She made her own plans for her own passing. It was a simple cremation, no funeral, ashes shattered into the sea, lots of beautiful flowers. When I was growing up, she was someone […]

1 July 2015

1 July 2015 is the hottest day the UK has ever seen in 12 years! The mid-day temperature was a sweltering 35 degrees just now. Boys were dry when I sent them to school but totally drenched in sweat when I picked them up. T had a nosebleed in school yesterday, a nosebleed after school […]


T made an awesomely cute froggy hat in school today. It’s so cute I named it Butties because T likes to eat butter. Both boys are feeling under the weather today. T had a three minute nosebleed in school and K is coughing away after having caught the bug from his best friend. K vomited […]

Sickly weekend

I had grand plans to bring the boys to three museums this weekend, but alas, they took turns to fall sick. It was the longest stretch of time I’ve ever stayed indoors since I came to London! T started feeling unwell on Friday evening when I met my friends for dinner. He slept on a […]

Finally … sunshine!

I was sick for a few days this week. While I still managed to get myself to work … I totally didn’t have the energy to bring the boys out to swim/play after work. I was well enough by Friday and finally, we went out for some much needed sunshine!

Get Well … Soon!

T was sick last Friday. I picked him up at noon time to see the doc for a child sick MC. I’m not a medicine kind of parent so I refused to get any medicine from the doc, and just brought him home to rest. All in all, he vomited thrice, napped multiple times in […]


T had a lot more nosebleeds this month. In fact, there were two this week already. All because we’re switching on the air-conditioner regularly when putting the boys to sleep (it can get so warm at night!) and air-conditioning does increases the risk of nosebleeds in children. T doesn’t fuss when he gets a nosebleed […]

Hospital visits

公公 checked into hospital this week for a few days of healthy hospital food. He hasn’t yet found out what’s wrong with him. We managed to visit him twice … with cute Disney masks! And I like the new patient charts that the hospital came up with!

Bruised knee

21 Jan 13 — Rare day that KL finished his work early and was back home before 5pm! He wanted to go for a short 4km jog so all of us tagged along. Plan was for T to scoot and K to brisk walk (cos he had a drippy nose + slight cough and I […]

Dead mosquito

There boys were attacked by a mosquito at dinner today. K was bitten on the knee and T was bitten on the torso before I managed to kill it (while it was sucking blood from T’s torso). We put the dead mosquito onto a kid’s petri dish so that everyone can have a closer look […]

Sick and miserable

T is sick and miserable, and taking antibiotics for the first time in his life. Brother had a cough last week, didn’t see a doc and got well on his own. T started a fever yesterday and our first suspicion is that he caught it from the brother, and as per our usual practice at […]

Bloody week

Two nosebleeds today to round up the week. Makes it a grand total of 5 nosebleeds this week. Hope the capillaries will heal as we enter the new week, and there’ll be no more bleeding … at least for a few weeks.

Funny conversations today

Some of the funny conversations that we had today … K had two major nosebleeds today from both nostrils. First nosebleed was in school. He told me that the teachers in school said “you are very poor thing”. Naturally, I assumed that the teachers were talking about K, but no, he meant that they were talking […]


T picked the worst time to have a nosebleed — when the PSI hit an all time high of 290! He’s not bleeding a lot but it was messy just now between around 9+pm because his nose was itchy and he kept achoo-ing blood out. Affecting both nostrils.

Date with Mr K

Had a not so fun date with Mr K today. He has a ear infection so the both of us visited the polyclinic to get him antibiotics, went for lunch at the mall, came home to nap (only me, he didn’t), picked T early from school. Along with the ear infection, he had two nosebleeds […]

Nosebleed that would not clot

K had one nosebleed yesterday afternoon in school, one nosebleed this morning before school, and one nosebleed this evening after dinner. The third nosebleed lasted more than 20 minutes because the blood just would not clot! We initially got him to lie down to help the blood to clot, but he was almost chocking on […]

Where’s Titus?

Yesterday evening, K asked us parents who’s going to bring T home? Aww… he’s starting to miss the brother after just half a day. But we told him that T would stay one more day at the grandparents’ house. This morning after he woke up, K went to the empty living room and said that […]

Sick on a weekend

K is coughing non stop now. He’s puked three times today, had a slight fever, and was generally lethargic. He’s staying at home with us now while T is staying with the grandparents. Can’t let K go to the grandparents’ place lest he spreads the cough to my father.  Made K take some medication for […]

New found interest in painting

Totally not related to painting … K had a nosebleed last Thursday in the middle of the night. I cleaned him up w/out switching on the lights. Took two pieces of tissue to clean up the blood. K had another nosebleed in school today just before his naptime. Teachers commented that it was not very […]