Happy Valentine’s Day

I totally forgot about Valentine’s Day till a day before when a colleague asked me what’s my plans. So it was an impromptu dinner at Itacho Sushi for the four of us. After dinner, we popped by a Jap supermarket and they picked their own gifts there. Boys wanted ice lollies and KL wanted canned […]


Friday evening trip to Cremier! So yummy! I had yoghurt pomegranate, KL had hazelnut milk chocolate, K had mango passionfruit sorbet, and T had raspberry lover. Plus, I love their waffles too!

Canon EOS M10

Happy to have purchased the entry level EOS M10 as my newest camera! Chose this camera because it’s easy enough to use after a bit of fiddling, cheap enough for a camera that can change lens, and small enough to fit into my bag. Hoping to use it to take a lot of nice pics during our […]

Hello Isaac!

Hello Isaac, the newest addition to our extended family! Isaac turned one month old on 19 Jun 16. He’s nocturnal for now … Older cousins were making a din the entire afternoon but that didn’t wake him up at all. In fact Isaac slept through his whole first month celebration and only woke up at 7.30pm when […]

100 days

Didn’t know what to do with this blog after my father left us. A very big reason why this blog existed was to keep the grandparents updated about what’s happening to the boys on weekdays when they don’t get to meet each other. Now that one grandparent has left us, and we’re spending more time […]

Darnest things that T says

Many months ago in London T was trying to explain oyster sauce to K. Okay in the first place he doesn’t even know what that is. In his muddled explanation, oyster sauce is actually a product of a Chinese religion. Huh?!? What is a Chinese religion? Why is a sauce from a religion? Mind-boggling … Many months ago […]

Mr Eater

There are MANY pics in my camera and phone of T eating. Eating at home, eating out, eating at meal times, eating outside meal times, etc. First pic – he’s trying to time how long it takes for Swensens to prep the mac and cheese dish. Answer is 8 minutes. Last pic – he’s trying to cram […]

Pasta again?!?

Midweek dinner at Yomenya Goemon … AGAIN! T really wanted to try the adult portion today, so that’s why we ended up at the same place again. He was literally singing and bouncing on his seat when we were deciding what to order. That’s how much he likes eating pasta. But the adult portion here was actually […]

Courgette Fries

Before I came to London, I’ve not gone out of my way to eat courgettes (otherwise known as zucchinis). I’ve never bought any from a supermarket before and they don’t feature in my diet at all. In London however, they pop up everywhere in the vegetarian meals I order … and I’ve come to like […]

Tying knots

T has been interested in tying shoelaces after watching his brother do it so often. And when this little boy is interested in something, he gets rather obsessed about it. Sometimes in the evenings, we find him sitting at our shoe rack area and fiddling with our laces, which is ewwww so dirty. Last week, I […]

Lake District

In the last few days of T’s mid term break, we traveled to Lake District with two of  my friends. It was a quintessential English break complete with a boat ride, buying Peter Rabbit merchandise (Beatrix Potter spent her summers here), eating pie + mash, fish + chips, scones + cream …. yumz!

Mooooooooo ……

We had a really terrifying experience in Cotswold! When we were looking for our hotel on Saturday, we followed a map with public walking trails that brought us through the wilderness. We got lost with our printed map (no GPS and mobile reception there, obviously) and ended up being surrounded by more than a dozen cows in the […]