Mundoaka Streetfood

Devoting a blog entry to this meal because T vomited big time after eating! Mundoaka Streetfood is a very well reviewed restaurant in Zagreb and T was game to eat everything we gave him … chicken, potatoes, pizza, fusilli, even lemonade. He totally enjoyed the food but complained of a tummy ache about 15 minutes after […]

Happy Birthday!

My best friend and me turned a year older … again! We’re going for lots of lunches this week to celebrate, and the family is also heading for a holiday on Saturday because it’s the half-term break and we always like travelling on/near our birthdays. K has been busy setting up a picture shop this […]

What do you most like to eat?

I’ve told T countless times NOT to go around telling people he can eat nuts and eggs because he’s allergic to them, nuts especially. But he insisted that they go into his weekend homework as the things he likes to eat the most. The UK curriculum does not emphasize spelling (and grammar) at such a […]

Sugar ball cookies

We made sugar ball cookies at home today. We swapped butter for olive spread to cater for the dairy allergy at home. To make the cookies healthier, we also used wholemeal flour and brown sugar. The only unhealthy thing was the sugar balls, which the boys liked. Those are K’s hands because he helped me […]

Bill’s @ Clink Street

Rustic filter to match the rustic seats. Had dinner with the boys at Bill’s over the weekend. This is my second time eating out at Bill’s in a week. Enjoyed my fish pie very much =) The chocolate brownie dessert was nice too! Unfortunately, T’s vanilla ice cream contained egg (we only found out after checking the […]


Today was another awesome day. We spent four hours walking around the ruins of Herculaneum, another ancient city that was buried like Pompeii on 24 August 79AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. Herculaneum was buried under hotter and faster flowing gas/rock, so even organic material like wood and skeletons were found at this excavation site. We managed […]


We took a day trip by train to Arezzo, a city in Tuscany. We walked around the historic old town and visited a lot of churches. We had ice cream in the city square, and for the first time in our trip, K had an allergic reaction from the sorbet. Maybe there was some milk […]


We visited the Colosseum today. It’s huge, I didn’t expect it to be so big but it could house 50,000 – 80,000 people in it’s heyday. We bought tickets in advance so only had to queue thirty minutes to get in. The queue would have been much longer if we had gone in the Easter […]

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

We frequently order onion rings when we eat at burger joints. K likes onion rings, but this was the first time he had a dairy allergic reaction to onion rings! Turns out that GBK uses a dairy batter for their rings. T is making a hilarious face in the background because he’s waiting to eat […]


Jedlo stands for food in the Slovak language. There are many cute cafes around where we lived, so I ended up eating more cake than I should everyday! We found bookshelves in many cafes. I wonder if people really go there to read. T is eating vanilla ice cream that costs only €0.70 per scoop. Food […]

Goodenough College

Instead of moving to Connaught Hall today, I moved to Goodenough College instead! Admission to Goodenough College is very competitive (I even wrote a resume for my application!), so lady luck really visited me last week when out of the blue an offer for a 3 bedroom flat came just days before my tenure for Connaught Hall […]

Port of Lost Wonder

Today’s our second time visiting the Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa. Boys enjoyed themselves a lot. K was super happy to play with the company we had today. T was super happy to be snacking on a wide variety of food that the adults brought along. I had to encourage him so many times to […]

Playground on 8 Jul 14

T had swollen eyes (left side is visibly more swollen than right side) when I picked him up in school today. He said that it’s because he “rubbed his eyes”, but it looks suspiciously like an allergic reaction to me. I’ve gotta ask his teachers what happened or what he ate today.

Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday morning where T’s nose was just dripping blood for more than 5 minutes! We were on the way to drop K off in school when it happened. KL was driving, T was seating in the front passenger seat, and I was seating in the back passenger seat. I couldn’t even see him properly […]

Prawn allergy

奶奶 came over with dinner on Thursday. The night before, I was giving her a list of things that the boys are allergic too. Seafood wasn’t mentioned because it’s just something I’ve not tried on them before and won’t think of trying. So she came over with fried rice that had prawns inside. K took […]

Transition to Primary One

K’s transition to Primary One was quite smooth. KL was with him in school for the first day and then we pretty much left him alone after that. No problems with buying food and getting the right change because he’s a calculative person by nature and counting time/money is something that he really enjoys doing […]


We went for a buffet last Thursday with KL’s family and the next day, T developed red patchy eczema on the back of his thighs. By the fourth day (above), the patches are easing up. We still not sure what is the trigger. Seafood? Eggs?

Banana ice cream

The bananas at home were turning mushy, so we quickly froze them last night to make a small batch of banana ice cream! T had the ice cream on a cone while K had the ice cream with grapes. Every time we make this ice cream at home, I’m always thinking that it would be nicer if […]

Mandai Zoo on 16 Mar 13

We took part in the 40 Wild Years quiz at our last visit to the zoo. It was a tiring quiz that required us to cover the entire zoo and visit so many enclosures to find answers to 20 really obscure questions — the type that you can’t really google the answers for. I was hesitant to […]

Worst day in his life …

Was chatting with the boys about their day in school when K started telling me about the worst day in his life. He was referring to 18 Feb 13 when he had a serious peanut allergy. That day was made all the worst (in his words) because in the morning he ate oats which he […]


At 5 years and 10 months old, K tasted peanuts for the first time in his life. I know and he knows he’s allergic to nuts. But I guess in the mayhem that came with the CNY celebration in school, he forgot to inform the teacher(s) that he could not take nuts and the teacher(s) […]


We don’t buy Yakult that regularly at home. But since they’ve joined the new school and started drinking Yakult in school, they’ve asked me a few times to buy it for them at the supermarket. Here’s T standing really still (because I told him to stand still for me to take a picture of him) […]

The Star Vista

The Star Vista is a new mall in Bouna Vista that just opened its doors a few weeks back. Bought the boys there for dinner tonight. There are tons of restaurants at the mall so it was quite a surprise that we had a really challenging time looking for a restaurant that had a child-friendly menu. Boston Seafood […]

Happy Children’s Day!

Boys celebrated children’s day in school today. Based on my chats with the teachers and from K’s recounting of the day’s event … morning classes were cancelled, a magician was invited to school to perform for an hour (tricks were apparently to make someone in school “poo out money”, made money come out of someone’s […]

Vomitting incidents

T had two vomitting incidents in school so far, with the latest one happening today. Both times the school said he vomitted because he was too full, and that he was not allergic to anything in his food. I should think so cos for him, when he’s allergic (usually to egg content), he pukes immediately […]