£0 haircuts

I’ve been cutting the boys’ hair myself. K had a haircut last month and T had a haircut today. They get a very straight fringe because that’s the ONLY style I know how to cut! I zoomed in on K in the last pic because he dropped a front tooth today. This is the fourth baby […]

Mr K

I Skype a few times a week with Mr K and I receive regular pictures of him from WhatsApp. He has a shaky tooth now but nothing has fallen off yet. 23 more days before he leaves Singapore for London!

Another traumatic trip to the dentist

What’s with us and dentists? I can’t recall any bad experiences with doctors (cos we hardly visit them?). But T just had another traumatic trip to the dentist this morning. It’s T’s second trip to the dentist. He has two small cavities at the back molars to fill. First visit was a month ago and he was […]

Visits to the dentist

It’s been more than a year since both boys visited the dentist. Sighz, they have three cavities between the two of them. K –> Because of his extremely small jaw, he’s considered high risk for cavities so the dentist advised us to time his visits to his primary school’s dentist once every four months. K […]

New allergies

T is currently allergic to the words “brush teeth”, “bathe” and “sleep”. Instead of telling him it’s time to brush teeth, we have to tell him no he’s not brushing his teeth, he’s just going to play with the toothbrush. Instead of telling him it’s time to bathe, we have to tell him no he […]

Day surgery to fix teeth

We went for a day surgery today to fix his teeth. Arrived at the hospital at 7am. He went on GA at 8.30am shortly after this picture was taken. Surgery lasted till 10.15am, and he received: 5 crowns/nerve treatments (molars) 4 fillings 2 sealants Flouride (yellow, all around) Enamel stripping (bottom incisors)   He was […]

Could it get any worse?

    Yes, it did. T had a nosebleed that lasted more than 10 minutes just after he woke up from his afternoon nap. The first 2 minutes or so, he was hysterically going about the house and dripping blood all over. Refused to let me carry him or calm him down. Only when I […]

Complaints about toothaches

K started complaining about toothaches already. Since last week? He complains about the pain when his affected teeth undergoes brushing and flossing. He also occasionally complains about the pain at random times in the day. Sometimes he says that his cheeks hurt rather than the teeth/gum hurts. I’ve made up my mind to let him undergo […]

Second opinion, same recommendation

We sought a second opinion from the dental clinic at NUH. The NUH dentist was more amenable to discussing various treatment options and she was also slightly more optimistic than our previous dentist from NDC. But the recommendations aren’t too far off – day surgery with general anesthesia, up to five nerve treatments and crowns, five fillings, three […]

Happy tooth and sad tooth

K is learning about dental hygiene in school this week. Two days ago, he asked me how many happy teeth and how many sad teeth he had. I felt sad when I told him that he had only seven teeth, especially since now I think on hindsight that the fruit juices he’s been consuming regularly […]

Lunch with friends

After the dental visit, KL met three friends from his old lab for lunch so K tagged along too. Today’s lunch was to celebrate these these two pretty ladies and the photographer finally submitting their PhD theses! Congrats!

Father and son bonding day

The polyclinics in Singapore offer a vision test for 4 – 6 year old children. So I made an appointment for K to visit the one at Clementi this morning to test his eyes because he’s was blinking very frequently 2 -3  weeks back. It was the father who bought him to the clinic and […]

Failed visit to the dentist

According to KL, the dentist used a mirror to look at the molars, sprayed water into the mouth, K went into panic mode, dentist chided KL for not calming the child down, dentist declared that she can’t carry out any procedure because the child is jittery, prescribed the medicine in the picture, and that’s it […]

First sign of tooth decay?

I try to floss K’s teeth at least once a week (with a floss pick) and I usually only do the teeth that I can see in plain sight. So I was shocked during yesterday’s flossing session when I spotted something black on the top row right at the back of his mouth. My flossing […]

Dental appointment

Kaizer was generally cooperative at the dental appointment. He sat on me as the dentist examined his teeth, and didn’t fidget at all during the general examination. He didn’t want to get his teeth polished though, so I let him be as it was important that he brings home a positive vibe about his first […]

Dental appointment

Some time ago I did mull over whether or not I should make a dental appointment for Kaizer. But this was something I never got around to doing. On Friday I visited the dentist at the clinic downstairs for a half-yearly checkup and she convinced me to make a dental appointment for both boys at […]

Dental hygiene

Everyone’s scrambling to make their artwork as ugly as possible … … cos we’re supposed to put together a mouth full of decayed teeth. Yikes! Mixing bicarbonate of soda, salt and food flavoring together to make … … homemade toothpaste! Passing a toothbrush around while listening to a story on the importance of brushing teeth. […]