37 years old!

Rather unceremoniously, I turned 37 years old over the weekend. Thankful that I am healthy, that I am still alive, that I can afford the time and money to eat out. I definitely ate way too much sashimi and seafood over the weekend! Kok Loon turned 39 years old. Happy birthday to him and happy anniversary […]

Happy 11th Birthday!

K turned ELEVEN over the weekend! He chose presents instead of money/vouchers this year. My present for him was a skateboard and skateboard shoes. KL’s present for him were new Nerf guns. Because the school declared Monday a holiday (rest day for teachers after carnival), we managed to squeeze in a staycation in Johor Bahru […]

Fairfield Funfair

It’s the once in five years Fairfield Funfair! Funfair fell on K’s birthday! K’s class managed two stalls – one games stall and one food stall. K was in charge of collecting balls at the games stall. Their game was easy, and the boys managing the stall decided to all use their own vouchers to […]

Kidzania Singapore

We arrived bright and early at Kidzania Singapore at 10.15am! That was the day before T turned 8. The queue was so short because the early birds already made their way in at 10am sharp. Yeah, we took less than 5 minutes to check in! Consistent with their character, K went to check his bank […]

Happy 8th Birthday!

T turned 8 today! For his birthday activity, he chose to go to Kidzania Singapore. That was mighty fun – he rated it 10 out of 10. Problem was that Kidzania was one day before his actual birthday, and the things he did on his actual birthday weren’t as terrific as he imagined. He bawled […]

Happy Birthday Singapore!

We went to catch the National Day fireworks today. We jogged a bit at Gardens by the Bay before parking ourselves in front of Marina Bay Sands to catch the fireworks. T was upset because he didn’t think the fireworks was worth the crowd, waiting time, parking fee, jam on the way home. We were […]

Happy 1st Birthday Issac!

Isaac turned 1 this week! Extended family gathered for a BBQ to celebrate his birthday. It was a noisy and sweaty celebration, and the cousins totally enjoyed themselves running around and accumulating sweat! Since it was also my birthday and Kok Loon’s birthday over the weekend, the extended family celebrated for us too. Pamela – […]

Birthday Lunch

Birthday boy wanted to meet his cousins, so I organized a family lunch for him with as many extended family members as can be gathered. One of his fav cousin couldn’t make it, and his 爷爷 was too sick to come. Otherwise, it was a happy enough gathering for him – seeing so many of […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

K turned TEN on Friday! KL got him some science toys and I made him some vouchers to be used in the next 365 days. K went to school as usual on Friday. Except that they counted him as a ten-year-old instead of nine-year-old for his Napfa test that afternoon. Dinner was at a Jap restaurant […]


K is one day shy of 10 years old! Me and T sang him a birthday song for fun with some biscuits and a tealight. K decided to make funny messages and they gamely posed for pics to send to their papa, who’s on call tonight.

Sembawang Park

We visited Sembawang Park a few weeks back. When I was growing up, I used to come here for BBQs with classmates and friends. So it was nostalgic to jog through the same path that I walked two decades ago. I also realized that the park is actually very small, but it certainly didn’t feel that way […]

Happy 7th Birthday!

T turned 7 this weekend! Birthday boy had the privilege of choosing our meals the whole weekend, so we ended up having an unbelievable amount of pasta over 48 hours …. Birthday boy requested to stay home so he can play his new Lego set. It’s quite a cool set. He’s happy with all the […]


T turns 7 years old this month! Boys get $50 as a birthday gift from us. K chose to spend his money on a few cubes earlier this year. T decided that he wanted a Ninjago set, so we headed to Toys “R” Us to pick it up today.

Cousin’s Day Out

Cousins met to check out Marine Cove today. Place was packed, as expected. Great that it rained heavily when we were about an hour into playing … because half of the crowded left after that. The bigger cousins all like sand so we spent an hour on the beach. Lucian didn’t really want any sand […]

Climate Change

The Science Centre has an exhibition that deals with climate change. We were there two weeks back. Found a machine that tells you how many hours the sun shone in Singapore on the day that you were born. Now we know that in our family, the sun shone the most on the day K was born. […]

Happy 6th Birthday!

T turned 6 today! It’s the haziest birthday he’s ever had. Both grandfathers are sick so there isn’t a family gathering. We brought the boys to Vivo in the morning for T to pick his toy. That was followed by lunch at T’s favourite pasta place, and then it’s back home to play with the […]

Happy Birthday!

My best friend and me turned a year older … again! We’re going for lots of lunches this week to celebrate, and the family is also heading for a holiday on Saturday because it’s the half-term break and we always like travelling on/near our birthdays. K has been busy setting up a picture shop this […]


We’ve just arrived in Orvieto for the second leg of our holiday! Orvieto is a tiny city that sits on top of a large volcanic rock. We are living in a holiday home that oversees the surrounding lowlands and the view is quite awesome. This entire city is quite ulu, and it feels more like […]