Upper Pierce Reservoir

My first time checking out Upper Pierce Reservoir! Gosh, there were so many monkeys there. I wouldn’t dare to jog there alone. Boys had a lot of fun at the reservoir. L was thrilled to race all of us (he won many times). K and T like playing with branches and they found many long […]

Learning Forest

We checked out the new Learning Forest within the Singapore Botanic Gardens! I thought it’ll be huge, but it’s actually small enough to finish on foot within an hour. It’s nice though, so we might just come back another weekend!

Point Nepean National Park

Bushes. Bushes. More bushes. We did an 8km walking trail at Point Nepean today, of which 7km was just walking through bushes. Gosh, so much bushes! Boys amused themselves with sticks (“wands”) on the first half of the bush walk …… and then endless rounds of scissors, paper, stone on second half. Was the walk […]

1000 Steps Track

Dandenong Ranges National Park is huge! We had to drive from one part of the Park to the other. After we finished Rhododendron Garden, we went to the popular 1000 Steps Track. The Track was very steep. There’s a bit of history with the trail, it commemorates the Australian soldiers who fought in Papua New Guinea in […]

Rhododendron Garden

We picked up our rental car and were so much more mobile today. We headed to the Dandenong Ranges National Park to hike. We started with an easy peasy walk around the Rhododendron Garden. The foliage was nice even though in its Autumn-ish garb. And I can totally imagine how colourful and beautiful it would be […]

Main Yarra Trail

Second day of cycling in Melbourne! This time round we went on a proper trail – Main Yarra Trail – that didn’t have too many attractions along the way. We actually spent more time cycling than stopping today. Distance covered was about 24 km. T was on the tag along bike again. He didn’t even […]

Cycling in Melbourne

We rented bikes to get around today. T tried a child-sized mountain bike and he didn’t like it because he had trouble controlling the bike. Luckily the shop had a children’s add-on bike that was just the right size for him! He enjoyed cycling “as a team” with KL v much. He said that he’s […]


We’ve finally saved enough to buy a Lego Mindstorms set! Since October, I’ve been sending the boys to school on foot a few days a week. It started out as a punishment for them because I caught them lying and this was one of their entitlements that I slashed. As the weeks passed, it turned out to […]


K has been asking to go running because he wants to practice running 1.6km (fitness test in school). This is the second weekend we’re running together. We did 4km in 45 mins at Marina Bay. He jogged in the first 20 min, and then jogged + walked in the last 25 min. T is absolutely not […]

Fort Pasir Panjang

Fort Pasir Panjang is located within Labrador Park. There are a couple of signs explaining the defence features of the fort, but because the tunnels and underground rooms are not accessible, it was quite a boring place to visit. We left after 10 minutes to play and jog in the park.

Marina East!

We exercised along Marina East yesterday – adults on foot, T on scooter, K on bike. It was a one hour session and we probably covered 6km. After dinner, we sat around and watched the fireworks lighting up across Marina Bay. Nice!

Cycling in Perth

We rented bikes to get around Perth on two days. T can’t ride a proper bike yet, so he sat in a child seat on KL’s bike. We did 20km per day on the Swan River Ride. Sights we passed on the first day were the Elizabeth Quay, Old Brewery, Matilda Bay Reserve, King’s Park. […]

Cycling @ East Coast Park

We were at East Coast Park with Dover CC yesterday. It was supposed to be a family cycling event but because it rained in the morning, cycling only started close to lunch time. Bummer! We stayed on to cycle on our own. We were supposed to cycle for 3 hours but cut it short to 2 […]

Marine Barrage

Went to Marine Barrage to jog today. K only managed to finish two rounds on foot before calling it quits. T was better, managed four rounds on his scooter but grazed his knees badly on his fourth round so we made him stop. We saw quite a few angry birds flying above us, that must be […]

Yeah, play!

Woah, clear skies today after so many weeks of haze! Windows can finally be opened. Boys can finally go out and play. They totally didn’t want to go home after one hour plus of playing. Realized that T is pretty good at dodging. Keen to get him a small touch rugby ball and proper trainers next =) […]

Finsbury Park

We checked out a new park today. Actually it’s not too far from our home, but we’ve not exercised here before because Regent’s Park and Hyde Park are so much nearer. K busied with playing ball. And shooting arrow straws from a small wooden bow he made in the morning at a children’s film club activity.


KL is really efficient. It’s only been a few days since he’s back and he got us a car already! It’s a 6 year old car and I’m calling it bumblebee for now because it looks so yellow in the picture he sent me! As for me and K, we’ve been keeping busy exercising, reading […]

Bank Holiday

It was a bank holiday (public holiday) in UK yesterday. K wanted to go jogging with his new trainers, so I jogged with him round and round the garden downstairs. He didn’t complete 20 rounds as he planned … and went off halfway to play with T instead. They had a good time playing with […]

Solar eclipse

There was a solar eclipse this morning, and the school gathered everyone (parents invited) to watch the eclipse on screen. T’s class sang a song before the screening, and there were some pupils who demonstrated how an eclipse happens. Alas, London wasn’t plunged into darkness at all. The cloud cover was so thick that it […]

Morning jog

It’s good to be exercising properly again! For my first month in London, I only managed to squeeze in a couple of 30 minute jogs with T at the children’s park. Today, after dropping him in school, I went for a 2 hour jog at Regent’s Park. I think I only covered 7km but it […]

Ulu Pandan Park Connector

9 Jan 14 — Again T is laughing non-stop because I’m a tickling alligator once more! Even though this playground’s at the fringe of the park connector, I haven’t been bringing the boys to the park connector itself to scoot for the past few months. This is cos K’s scooter was stolen (from outside our […]