Awesome to go on separate dates with the boys! On Saturday, T and me had lunch at Clementi. He wanted to eat mac & cheese at Swensons. After that we popped by the library, he went for Chinese tuition, I hung around at the mall, we met up to return home. On Sunday, K and me […]

June Holidays

June Holidays are coming to an end! Boys spent the first week of their holiday in Melbourne, second week at home, third week at Science Camp, fourth week at home. Nothing too spectacular. T had no school homework, so we made him do Chinese tuition homework and Kumon sums on weekdays. K had a lot […]

Worst Valentine’s Day

T told many lies today. He was supposed to turn up at his Chinese tuition teacher’s house at 2.30pm. When he didn’t turn up and she called him, he said he didn’t know how to get there. Which is a lie, because he has been walking on his own to her house for months. She […]

Chinese Tuition

K started Chinese tuition early this year. He can’t catch up in class and because we make it a point not to help the boys with their school work at all, his Chinese grades have been slipping. He’s now cruising at Band 2 after spending half a year with the tutor, so it’ll be good if […]

Lower Peirce Trail

Another week, another camp, another outdoor excursion. K is attending a science camp this week and he brought my camera along to Lower Peirce Trail today. He said part of the route was closed for construction. I took a peek into his bag and I think this week’s camp is focused on learning about plants.

Do re mi

Boys learnt the piano for six months in London. It’s challenging to get them started again in Singapore because the lessons here are so expensive! Am still searching for a reasonably-priced teacher/school that’s near our home so K can travel by himself for classes. Meanwhile, they’ll just have to contend with playing whatever sheet music […]

Bye, Goodenough College!

We honestly could not have found a better home in Central London. The quality of the accommodation was very good, and so were the facilities. The rent was very reasonable for Central London standards. Most importantly, we all enjoyed the time we spent at the college. Boys would hang out in the play rooms during the colder months and hang […]


While waiting for his gym class to start, K is teaching T how to get up/down the fitness corner bars safely. K attended quite a few gym classes since we first tried it two months back. We go fortnightly now, on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 9pm. T usually sticks around with me to wait and […]


A friend recommended the class to us. K went for a trial just now and he likes it very much! We’ll probably sign up for a few months on a weekday 7 – 9pm slot. Have already negotiated with him that on days when he’s attending gym, there’ll be zero books. He just goes for […]

Floating backwards

Today, Gong Gong asked K about his Sunday swimming lessons. Thought I’ll post some photos to show Gong Gong what he did last week. He’s still learning froggy kick now (which is breast stroke), but last week the class was modified to allow the boys (only boys in his class, no girls) to practice floating […]

Pool on 14 Sep 12

This is probably one of our last visits (or maybe the last visit) to the nice swimming pool @ One North Alumni Club. KL’s membership is expiring at the end of this month and we’ve decided not to renew it. I guess the main consideration is that I haven’t been bringing them to this pool […]

Trial swimming lesson

K attended a trial swimming lesson today. For the longest time, I’ve been searching for a weekday afternoon swimming lesson that’s conducted in a pool nearby … but to no avail. Today I finally caved in and bought him for a Sunday 3pm-4pm trial at a pool that’s 1.5km away from our home. He spent […]

Gym class

K pestered me to go for a gym class trial, which is an enrichment class at the childcare centre that happens every Thursday for 45 mins and costs S$20+ per session. Since the trial is free, I told him to try it this week, and he told me that he “really likes it”. I was […]

Timetable for N1 in 2012

Thoughts that ran through my head as I looked through the timetable … A lot less Chinese lessons that the older brother. Letterland! This is something that T already likes (Clever Cat is his fav this week) so I’m sure he’ll enjoy learning about the characters in class. Lunch is really early at 10.30am … […]

Timetable for K1 in 2012

Some thoughts that ran through my head when I saw this timetable … Wow, shower time is really early from 9.00 to 9.30am. I thought that the natural thing should be to bathe in the middle of the day, either before/after lunchtimer. So now if K bathes in the morning before we send him to […]

Repeated patterns

Kaizer learnt about repeated patterns in this science class. The science teacher put a figure (Kaizer said it was something with a strawberry head … strawberry shortcake?) in between two mirrors and asked the children how many figures they could see (within the mirrors I supposed). The correct answer should be infinite, but I think […]

The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip, in case you’ve never heard of the story before, is a children’s tale whereby a grandfather plants a turnip that grows so large that he cannot pull it up himself. He asks a grandmother for help, and they together still cannot pull it up. Subsequently more people and animals are recruited to […]

Counting with bears

On Monday, the science teacher gave Kaizer a long strip of paper with a lot of bears. The teacher had told them that they could use the bears to measure anything, even their beds. Sounds like Monday’s class introduced them to the concept of measurement.

Lab coat

Kaizer brought a child’s lab coat home today. I overheard him telling Kok Loon that if Kok Loon goes for science class, his teacher will also give him a lab coat. It was quite funny to hear him say that because Kaizer doesn’t know what Kok Loon does for a living. Asked Kaizer what he learnt […]

Trees, wood, paper

Today’s science class carried on with the theme of materials. The children were introduced to different types of paper, and the teacher explained how paper was derived from wood and how wood was derived from trees. According to Kaizer, she also said something like “cut down a lot of trees, then how”? I think he’s […]